Brandon Warmke

Brandon Warmke: "Moral Grandstanding: Why Status-Seeking Destroys Public Discourse and What We Can Do About It"

This event took place on January 24 , 2023. Video Coming Soon About the Lecture Why is so much public discourse unproductive and mean-spirited? One reason is that people grandstand: we use discussions about morality and politics for self-promotion. By understanding what grandstanding is, why we do it, and how...

Richard Avramenko

Richard Avramenko: Tocqueville, Law, and the High Priests of Democracy

October 19, 2022

Vallier Headshot

Kevin Vallier: The Justice Argument Against Catholic Integralism

October 6, 2022

Shriver Photo

Abominations: Why hasn't Lionel Shriver been cancelled already?

August 31, 2022

Alan S. Kahan

Alan S. Kahan: "Mind vs. Money: The War Between Intellectuals and Capitalism"

April 27, 2022


Panel discussion on bipartisan climate solutions

April 14, 2022

Jonny Anomaly

Jonathan Anomaly: “Conformity in the Cathedral: Causes and Consequences of Groupthink in American Universities”

April 11, 2022

Alberto Mingardi

Alberto Mingardi: "Vilfredo Pareto, the Moralist"

April 7, 2022

Gianna Englert:

Gianna Englert: "Two French Liberals on Commerce and Citizenship: Benjamin Constant and Alexis de Tocqueville"

March 7, 2022

Wesley Clark

Steamboat Institute Campus Liberty Tour

March 2, 2022