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October 4, 2023
4 pm
Benson Center suite (Kittredge Central, 2nd Floor)
Student Focused

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About the event

Join Dr. Brandon Warmke at 4 pm in the Benson Center suite (Kittredge Central, 2nd Floor) for a preview of journalist Kimberley Strassel's lecture "The Biden Malaise," a talk based on her recent book The Biden Malaise: How America Bounces Back from Joe Biden's Dismal Repeat of the Jimmy Carter Years. Dr. Warmke will help explain the book's major ideas and explore several questions with students: Why does Strassel think the Carter years were so bad? Is she correct? Is the Biden presidency a repeat of Carter's? Why or why not? What are Strassel's suggestions for moving America forward after Biden? How should we think about these proposals?

About the speaker

Brandon Warmke is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University. He has published widely in moral, social, and political philosophy, including papers on public discourse, forgiveness, free will and moral responsibility, virtue ethics, social morality, and conservatism. With Justin Tosi, he is the author of Grandstanding: The Use and Abuse of Moral Talk (Oxford, 2020) and Why It’s OK to Mind Your Own Business (Routledge, 2023). He also co-edited Forgiveness and Its Moral Dimensions (Oxford, 2021). He is currently writing a book on conservative political philosophy. He has written for CNN and MarketWatch, and his work has been featured by The Atlantic, New York Times Magazine, HuffPost, Scientific American, Forbes, Vox, Commentary Magazine, and The Guardian.