Yee in Classroom

Congratulations to former Benson Center Scholar in Residence David Yee, whose article, "Forging Mixtec Identity in the Mexican Metropolis: Race, Indigenismo and Mixtec Migrant Associations in Mexico City, 1940−70," was recently published online by Cambridge University Press. The article presents a social history of the Coalición de los Pueblos Mixtecos Oaxaqueños (Coalition of Mixtec Oaxacan Communities, CPMO), a grouping of mutual-aid associations formed by Indigenous migrants in Mexico City during the middle of the twentieth century. Yee (PhD History, Stony Brook University) is an historian of modern Latin America with a focus on urban studies in Mexico. He wrote the article during his CU Boulder residency in 2019-20. Yee currently teaches at Metropolitan State University of Denver