For the past semester, I have been studying and interning in Washington, D.C. as a part of the CU in D.C. program. I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of my experience here in D.C and am very grateful for this opportunity. I have grown immensely as a student, professional, and as a person. This program has provided me with professional experience in my relevant field of interest while giving me the opportunity to immerse myself into a different culture and find my bearings in a new city that incorporates a different way of life than I am used to. The lessons I have learned through these experiences, my internship, and my classes have shaped the course of my future career and allowed me to develop a feasible path to follow after graduation.

       I started out college with just a Political Science major but later decided to add Psychology as a second major to make my skill-set more versatile and applicable to diplomatic and foreign policy interests. I find that my knowledge of the human brain helps me in my interactions with others and expands my complex for relating to others, a key component of diplomatic cooperation that establishes the foundation of the maintenance of national security. The psychology behind politics and international behavior of how the brain can guide how people aggregate, lead and make decisions interests me. As I dive deeper into my education and my adult life, the more I understand not only how influential America is on the world but also how influential the world is on America.

       I am currently an intern in a U.S. Senator’s office which has provided me with an incomparable experience where I spend every day traveling through and around the U.S. Capitol. I have learned so much about Congress and the legislative process while refining my professional skills and experiences to prepare me for my future career endeavors. I have learned incredibly valuable skills throughout my internship that I never could have learned from simply sitting in a classroom. When I am not at work or in class, I have spent my time exploring the ins and outs of this incredibly complex city with endless opportunities for exploration. This city is full of important parts of our country’s history along with a young and vibrant twist full of good food and social gatherings.

       I have loved my experience here so much that I am continuing my experience by pursuing another internship this summer. I will be interning for the American Academy of Diplomacy in order to gain experience with diplomacy and foreign policy while also gaining exposure to the experiences of former U.S. Ambassadors in order to delineate what career path I will follow after school.

 Bailey McCue, CU in DC Internship Scholarship Recipient