The End of Liberalism

The Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy presents:

The End of Liberalism: Why the World is Falling Apart

Wednesday, 10/5/2016

7:00:00 PM-9:00:00 PM

Humanities 150

University of Colorado Boulder

Free and open to the public


Gathering signs of dysfunction in the spheres of electoral politics, governance, the economy, education, civil society, and the environment suggest that the crisis faced by the modern West is systemic, not merely a set of discrete and separately solvable problems.  After roughly 250 years, it appears the philosophic errors of liberalism are now being manifested in our life world.  Are we facing the end of liberalism, and if so, what's next?



Patrick Deneen, Professor of Political Science, Notre Dame University


Sponsored by:

Center for Western Civilization, Thought and Policy (CWCTP)


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Location: CU Boulder | Humanities 150

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