Undergraduate Courses

Courses offered by AMReC faculty include various undergraduate courses introducing basic concepts of modeling and analyzing mechanical systems.

ASEN 1022: Material Science for Aerospace Engineers
ASEN 2001: Statics, Structures, and Materials 
ASEN 3112: Structures 
ASEN 4123: Vibrational Analysis

Graduate Courses

At the graduate level, courses offered by AMReC faculty are part of the Engineering Systems focus area.

Fluids & Propulsion

ASEN 5051: Fluid Mechanics
ASEN 5151: High Speed Aerodynamics
ASEN 6037: Turbulence
ASEN 5053: Rocket Propulsion
ASEN 5063: Aircraft Propulsion
ASEN 5519: Boundary Layers, Convection, and Applied CFD
MCEN 6001: Reacting Flows
ASEN 6321: Computational Fluid Dynamics Structured Grid
ASEN 6331: Computational Fluid Dynamics Unstructured Grid
ASEN 6519: Experimental Fluid Mechanics
ASEN 6061: Molecular Gas Dynamics and Direct Monte Carlo Simulation
ASEN 6519: Advanced Turbulence Simulation
ASEN 6519: Stabilized and Multiscale Finite Element
ASEN 6519: Mathematical Foundations of Finite Element Analysis
ASEN 6519: Isogeometric Analysis

Structures & Materials

ASEN 5012: Mechanics of Aerospace Structures
ASEN 5022: Dynamics of Aerospace Structures
ASEN 5007: Introduction into Finite Elements 
ASEN 5111: Aeroelasticity
ASEN 5148: Spacecraft Design
ASEN 5519: Design Optimization in Aerospace Systems 
ASEN 5519: Introduction to Phononics
ASEN 5519: Inverse Methods
ASEN 5519: Classical Thermodynamics
ASEN 5519: Deploy and Lightweight Structure
ASEN 5519: Molecular Dynamics
ASEN 5188 (EMEN 5405): Space Systems Engineering
ASEN 6024: Nonlinear Systems
ASEN 6519: Isogeometric Analysis
ASEN 6519: High Performance Computing
ASEN 6517: Computational Methods in Dynamics
ASEN 6107: Nonlinear Finite Elements
ASEN 6367: Advanced Finite Elements for Plates & Shells
ASEN 6519: Engineering Nonlinear Dynamics
ASEN 6412: Uncertainty Quantification
ASEN 6519: Cooperative Control of Multi-Vehicle Systems