Corrie Williams

Corrie Colvin Williams received her PhD from the Design and Planning program. Her primary research interest lies in child-nature interaction as it relates to child well-being and sustainable communities, particularly through schools and place-based education. Corrie received a B.A. in Geography from The University of Texas at Austin in 2005 with an undergraduate thesis focused on human rights in Guatemala and received a Master of Applied Geography (M.A.G.) in Land-Area Development and Management from Texas State University-San Marcos in 2007 with a thesis on land trust and private landowner interaction. Before coming to Colorado, Corrie worked as an environmental consultant in Austin, Texas and remained involved with the Texas land trust community and Campfire USA Balcones Council, a program designed around youth development through nature interaction.

Corrie has developed and taught "Integrating Community Preferences in Environmental Design" for undergraduates in spring 2010. She is currently a research assistant for the CYE Growing Up Boulder project and in fall 2010 will be assisting in the Teach for Sustainability program, a course supported by the CU Environmental Center.