Manufactured Home Park

Survey of Local Planning and Public Health Departments
The purpose of this study is to inventory policies and programs in city and county governments in Colorado that contribute to the viability and sustainability of manufactured housing (MH) communities and identify barriers and opportunities to further development of programs and policies for manufactured housing.  This project is an exploration of problems of innovation and leadership in local government related to affordable housing. 

The study will occur in two phases: 

1) Conduct a survey of relevant agency staff and officials in cities and counties to inventory activities related to manufactured home parks and assess barriers and opportunities to expanding support programs for mobile home communities and residents.  

2) Prepare a report synthesizing the survey and presenting proposals to stimulate leadership and grassroots innovation in affordable housing communities. 

Our preliminary research has uncovered a variety of innovative policies and programs in local governments addressing needs of MH communities. These include energy efficiency installations; programs for dispute resolution; rental assistance programs; sustainable agriculture initiatives; and eviction and foreclosure prevention efforts.  This research will help us understand the scope of these policies and programs statewide and how local officials perceive the capacities and roles of local governments in providing support to MH communities. 

Our primary tool for this research is a questionnaire survey with local officials and community leaders that will be used to inventory program types in local governments, assess public leadership by city and county agencies and explore the process by which they work with MH communities. This survey has two parts: one directed to land use and housing planners; the other to public health officials. In addition, supplementary interviews may be conducted as needed with local officials and community leaders to address questions that are not resolved through the survey. 


Social Demographics of Manufactured Housing Parks
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