Jota Samper
Assistant Professor
Environmental Design

Jota Samper is assistant professor in the Program in Environmental Design. His work at ISR concentrates on sustainable urban growth and dwells at the intersection between urban informality ("slums") and urban violent conflict. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in architecture in UNal in Medellin, a master's in city planning from MIT and a PhD on urban and regional planning, also from MIT-DUSP, where he was a lecturer for the past two years. In 2010, his project with estudio teddy cruz, exhibited at the MoMA.

Samper is a fellow of the “Drugs, Security and Democracy, SSRC”, and advisor for the “Strategic Masterplan for the Medellínnovation District. He is a co-founder of Mobility/Movilidad, a nonprofit dedicated to choreograph meaningful conversations, video archive and mapping with marginalized communities.


Isabel Duque Franco, Catalina Ortiz, Jota Samper, Gynna Millan. 2020. Mapping repertoires of collective action facing the COVID-19 pandemic in informal settlements in Latin American cities, DOI: (July 22, 2020)