Spacial Justice Design LabThe Spatial Justice Design Lab (SJDL) is an effort to use architecture and urban planning methods to deconstruct spatial injustices against racial minorities. This lab connects research on urban violence and racial justice activism. The goal of the SJDL is to provide evidence on current violent events perpetrated in the public space, using an environmental design analysis to reconstruct events and to analyze the multiple spatial variables make violence possible. We look at different scales from (a) the city including regulatory framework and infrastructure regulations, (b) the urban space, that includes the physical composition of the scenery in which events occur. And, (c) the scale of the body, how humans interact between them about the environmental conditions and trajectories that surround them. The project comprised of two phases; (A) deconstruction phase that includes the compilation of data and the transferring of findings into visual tridimensional models ( GIS maps and 3D Rhino models, spatial-thematic analysis) and (B) the reconstruction phase links findings as comprehensive representations  (3D animations, mappings, motion capture, sightlines, buildings, access routes, projectile trajectories) to share with partners and general public.