The University of Colorado Boulder designated CEDaR as a Center in May 2016, emerging out of the Children, Youth and Environments Center. CEDaR became operational in January of 2017. 

Patterned after successful programs from across the country, CEDaR is an interdisciplinary center that connects the university and community through partnerships that demonstrate innovative approaches to city design and policy. We are a collaborative of faculty, staff and students, who draw on the knowledge and creativity of both the university and community to create urban places that are resource-efficient, healthy and socially inclusive. Our community includes 23 faculty and a staff of eight, who along with visiting scholars, doctoral and master’s students, and many undergraduates, works with more than 30 community partners. 

CEDaR is housed in CU Boulder’s Program in Environmental Design on the second floor of the Environmental Design building. It’s a lively office with many staff, interns, professors and student employees working there.