Published: Oct. 19, 2020

  1. Call to Order   

  2. Roll Call

Present: Jemil, Anuja, Christina Chambers, Hayden, Jhossep, Kennedy, Tania


Excused: Chidera

Late: Bennett, Maya, Thy



  1. Open Hearing


  1. Approval of the Minutes


  1. Approval of the Agenda


  1. New Business

    1. Take Me Please :)

      1. Meeting time survey

    2. New member interviews

      1. How many people would we like to accept?

        1. Minimum 4

        2. Probably a max of 6

      2. Couple of notes

        1. Please be professional.

        2. The applicant-specific questions we have will be asked before the closing question (#10) on the general questions list.

        3. If you come up with questions for the applicants during the interview, feel free to ask them on the fly! Just make sure to be aware of not interrupting anyone else + the 15 min time constraint.

      3. Interviews

        1. 6:15 PM - Rocco Lawson- Congratulations!

          1. Interview Q&A

          2. Notes

            1. *SOAC Board member

            2. A member of LSG (Task Lead)

            3. Diverse background - Italian and Nigerian, but searches for more diverse experiences 

            4. Well involved

            5. Interests are very diverse

            6. Wish he included a fun fact :(

            7. I appreciated his speaker choice Tyler Mitchell 

            8. Diligent, and brings a unique perspective

            9. Second year 2023

        2. 6:30 PM - Cynthia Kim- Congratulations!

          1. Interview Q&A

          2. Notes

            1. *She has applied before

              1. Could not make the interview the first time

            2. Appreciated vulnerability in her childhood growing up in a Alaska from a Korean home

            3. Detailed answers on speakers she would like to bring

              1. Named George Floyd’s brother as a speaker

              2. A lot of thought went into her answer

            4. Graduates next semester 

        3. 6:45 PM - Anbareen Shefa (any pronouns are fine)

          1. Interview Q&A

          2. Notes

            1. Religious Studies Department Representative GPSG

              1. She can work if not paid by two entities

            2. Committed to a lot of organizations

              1. Grad Student, Teaching Assistant, GPSG

            3. Has experience in event planning

              1. Possesses experience in media advertising

            4. Enjoyed culinary interactive idea

            5. Can express new perspective and opinions as a grad student

        4. 7:00 PM - Ornella Musinguzi- Congratulations!

          1. Interview Q&A

          2. Notes

            1. Could bring a really interesting global perspective

            2. Part of a lot of student organizations- 6

            3.  Founder of WonderBundle of Joy

              1. Provides newborn kit essentials to families

              2. NGO

            4. They are a first year

            5. Spoke to someone they knew about CEB

            6. Chose cool speakers for events

              1. *Event on ableism

                1. More conversations on accessibility 

        5. 5 minute recess

        6. 7:20 PM - Teagan Boiarsky (she/her/hers)- Congratulations!

          1. Interview Q&A

          2. Notes 

            1. *First to like CEB posts, dedicated and determined

            2. Half Jewish, half Christian, can provide great perspective

            3. Has attended current events

              1. Had reflections on BLM event and the involvement of the LGBTQ+ community

            4. Interesting thoughts on racism in the outdoor community

              1. Understood disparity and relates it to her own working experience 

            5. Freshman

            6. Thoughtful

        7. 7:35 PM - Nhi Vu

          1. Interview Q&A

          2. Notes

            1. Is an immigrant and grew up in a diverse neighborhood, was able to have different cultural experiences when young

            2. Very involved at CU - VSA

              1. Multicultural groups

            3. Has been to events CEB has funded

            4. Was vague on answer about which speakers to bring

        8. 7:50 PM - Sam Trombly (he/him/his)

          1. Interview Q&A

          2. Notes

            1. 2nd year

            2. Appreciated his idea of providing spotlight for third party candidates

            3. Involved in the Jewish community, Board member of Hillel

            4. Resume seems a little unorganized, or not updated

            5. May need to work on work ethic

            6. Wants to advocate against injustice

        9. 8:05 PM - Bailey Wakefield- Congratulations!

          1. Interview Q&A

          2. Notes

            1. She has attended previous CEB events

              1. Viola Davis

            2. Waited until she had time to commit to CEB

            3. Reflects on her experience in a conservative town as a whitepassing Jew

            4. Mentioned a plethora of people she would like to see speak 

            5. Appears she understands the speaker aspect of CEB

    3. PL Questions 

  2. Old Business

    1. Second Funding Cycle

      1. SHPE and UMAS y MECHA “ACTIVATE SLAM Poetry Workshops & Open Mic,” November 7th-9th - Anuja and Thy

        1. Update: 

          1. Still in the process of planning a meeting with Jamey

    2. Elijah McClain Event

      1. Update: Meeting tomorrow @ 9:30 to decide budget

      2. Email with link to documentary (20 minutes) austin long, maker

        1. Read portfolios in CEB drive

      3. Email date as soon as decided

  3. Officer Reports

    1. Advisor(s) 

      1. 3rd Funding Cycle--budgets due Wednesday (10/14)

      2. 10/21 Event

        1. Register asap

        2. The Dean of the Law School will do the intro.

        3. S/o to Chidera for emailing Latinx orgs

        4. Gadiel is doing an interview with the CUBT tomorrow to promote the event--it will be released this week or early next week

        5. 10/20-Event with DSCC around the Afro-Latinx Identity and PL viewing for speaker event promotion

          1. 5 pm -


      1. Exec 1 on 1s needed this week. Please put availability below

        1. Ken - Wed- 11:30AM-1:30PM, Friday 11:30AM-1:30PM  & 3PM-5PM 

        2. Chidera- Wednesday 12-4, Friday 2-4

        3. Jemil- Friday: 10:00 am-1:30 pm, and from 3:00-5:00 pm

        4. Tania - Any time on friday after 12


      1. Upcoming Events/Announcements

        1. CSI Book Club Round 2

        2. Senior Class Council President Application

    1. Leg Council

      1. No updatesNo updates

    2. CUSG Liaison 

      1. Still working on it

    3. Webmaster

      1. A year worth of Minutes on the website 

      2. Christina met and will update members on the website

      3. List is being worked on

    4. Social Media Coordinator

      1. Send headshots

        1. Put them here Headshots

        2. Post for the event have gone up 

      2. UMAS y MECHA, Latin Arts Society invites were sent 

      3. Continue to share event

    5. Student Outreach Coordinator

      1. Request deadline is the 14th

      2. Student Orientation available on Saturday 

      3. Recruitment next semester 2-3 

      4. Meeting with BSA the week of the 26th to discuss potential collaboration for Black history 

    6. Speakers Coordinator

      1. No updates

    7. Assistant Speakers Coordinator

      1. An event on October 20th, Tuesday at 5pm

        1. Will be showcasing videos from Pero Like videos and videos on Latinx identity 

    8. Marketing Coordinator

      1. No New Updates- good luck with interviews

    9. Secretary/Historian

      1. Take Me Please :)

    10. Chair

      1. Thank you for sticking with our longest meeting to date!

      2. I will be sending out an email about tardiness, attendance, and professionalism.


  1. Adjourn - 9:55 PM