students talking to an employer at a career fair

Everything you need to know about career fairs

View all career fairs and events Whether you’re searching for an internship or a job after graduation, campus career fairs are a great place to start! There are steps you can take before, during and after the fair to make your search a success. With the STEM Industry Career &...

students talking to an employer at a career fair

Why you should go to a career fair in your first year at CU

Spring career fairs and events Career Services has many career fairs, events and workshops every semester to help you meet employers and make decisions about your future. There are three large career fairs happening this semester: STEM Industries Career & Internship Fair on Feb. 6 Health Professions Expo on March...

Student talking to employer at a career fair

5 tips for calming nerves at career fairs

Attending career fairs ranks among the top four ways that CU Boulder students obtain an internship or first job out of college. The atmosphere creates a foundation for successful interactions that could potentially lead to employment. But we get it—career fairs are intimidating and oftentimes, nerve-wracking. But if your dream...

Group of students talking in a building carrying backpacks and holding laptops

5 tips to help build your network

It's important to remember that networking is just a conversation. Here are a few strategies to help you feel more comfortable when making connections this year.

Man and woman at career fair shaking hands at CU Boulder in the UMC Ballroom

5 ways to make the most of your career fair experience

Whether you're seeking your first internship or need to secure your post-graduation plans, attending a campus career fair is a great place to start! Most positions are filled from networking opportunities like career fairs, so don't miss your chance to make a big impression. Here are five quick tips to...

Student speaking with an employer at a career fair

How to use Handshake to prepare for career fairs

If there was a secret recipe for having a successful career fair experience, it would be this—prepare. Taking a few hours leading up to a career fair to fine-tune your résumé, practice your elevator pitch and research employers can help you make a big impression and potentially land a job...

Students at a career fair lined up to speak with employers

How to use your strengths to network during career fairs

Career Fairs can be a tricky environment to navigate but knowing your strengths can help you best prepare for mapping out which employers to talk to and what you want to discuss. Here's how you can use your CliftonStrengths results to make the most out of the Career Fair. Preparing...

Students and employers at fall career fair

Everything you need to know about career fairs

Before the Career Fair Prepare your résumé Create a résumé that highlights your skills, abilities, and experience. Develop a tailored résumé for each type of employer you want to meet with. Do your research You can see a list of employers who plan to attend the career fair on Handshake...

Woman wearing jeans and a green button up sitting on a couch typing on her laptop

How to prepare an elevator pitch

Your "elevator pitch", or your “30-second intro,” is one of the most important things you’ll need to prepare before attending a career fair. Why? Because it will help you make a great first impression and first impressions are everything! An elevator pitch explains, in 30 seconds or less, who you...