Published: Nov. 1, 2023

resume tablet job searchTools like ChatGPT can be helpful in your job and internship search when you understand the clear limitations of artificial intelligence (AI). Remember, AI is simply a tool you can use to assist with some parts of the process, but it cannot do the work for you. Ensure your personal touch and unique personality comes through in your application materials and interviews. 

Below are tips and limitations to consider when using AI to complement your job search process to ensure you use it most effectively. 

  Craft your resume or CV 

It takes time and effort to tailor your resume to each position. A strong resume has succinct and compelling bullet points that reflect your experience. AI can help you write resume bullet points to achieve these objectives.  

While you must create a resume that accurately reflects your education, experience and skills, you can prompt ChatGPT to provide alternatives to your current bullet points to generate ideas for wording the information to include on your documents. Be careful not to input highly sensitive or personal information into tools like ChatGPT. 

You can review best practices for graduate students on resumes and CVs offered by Career Services. 

  Customize your cover letter 

Writing effective cover letters can be tricky and time-consuming. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can speed up the writing process. However, you can’t rely on AI tools to capture your voice and story. While you can use AI to write cover letters, you must edit and personalize your letters to create a genuine and professional end product.  

Remember, anyone can plug cover letter prompts into ChatGPT based on a job description and get the same responses as you can. The key is customizing it to reflect your unique voice. To create the prompt in ChatGPT, you’ll need the job or internship description, your polished and well-organized resume and a cover letter example

If you decide to use what the AI tool provides, you should copy and paste the information into a document editor, like Word or Google Docs. Be sure to add relevant details, including a header, signature and the company’s contact information. Tailor the letter to include information demonstrating you understand the company and position. AI tools can make spelling mistakes and other typos. Be sure to proofread the letter and make any needed changes. 

Check out cover letter writing tips from Career Services. 

  Write effective emails 

During the job search process, you will likely need to communicate with potential employers using email. We recommend responding to emails from an employer within 24 hours. Identifying what to write and what not to include can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to writing professional emails. ChatGPT can be helpful when you’re under pressure, have writer’s block or want to ensure you use the proper professional tone. 

Direct communication by email requires a personalized response, which you will not receive through an AI tool. You will need to ensure the tone of the response matches the intent of the email. While you can use AI as a guide or starting point for an email response, don’t rely on the generated content without proofreading and ensuring the email response represents your personality and addresses the email’s subject correctly. 

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  Take your search to the next level 

We are in an experimental phase of AI adoption with massive room for advancement. AI will eventually span all industries and embody existing technologies in unimaginable ways. As a graduate student, you can benefit from learning how to leverage AI technology today. 

Career Services is here to help you learn how to use AI effectively for your job or internship search. We are available to meet with you, answer questions, provide resources and offer training to support your career goals. Schedule a career advising appointment for career planning support.