Published: Oct. 26, 2023

People working on a project togetherIntegrate real-world projects into your classroom this spring and beyond! As CU faculty and staff, you can access a tool called Riipen to seamlessly add relevant projects to your courses and programs. Riipen is a work-based learning platform connecting educators and companies to incorporate real projects into course curriculum, leading to exciting and relevant resume-building experiences. 

Career Services has already partnered with Riipen on dozens of projects since 2020, and the platform has plenty of room for more projects with CU Boulder!  

Here are three reasons you should consider using Riipen. 

Enhance your course content and curriculum with work-based projects 

Projects connected to outcomes outside the class help students contextualize their learning and academic skill set. By using projects tied to real-life businesses, students can understand how their classroom experience and academic studies can link to their career goals.  

Work-related projects provide opportunities for applied learning that can serve as tools for your curriculum design. With the wide variety of projects on Riipen, you can find the perfect fit for what you teach. 

Finding projects is easy on the Riipen marketplace 

Riipen is a marketplace with thousands of projects in a wide variety of subjects. They work with over 31,000 businesses and nonprofits to source projects and connect organizations to academic courses and programs. 

There are projects with all types of companies that build upon key foundational skills taught in classrooms, like communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, data utilization, teamwork, technology and leadership. You can explore the available projects and select the ones that best match your classroom goals. 

Drive student engagement and long-term success 

Collaborative assignments and projects are high-impact practices that improve retention and academic success, aligning with the university’s goals.   

The number one reason employers hire one student over another is relevant experience. Students who gain work-related experiences during their studies improve soft and hard skills while benefiting from increased career clarity. Additionally, work-based projects help students build networks and community through active team learning.  

Learn how to get involved 

Riipen makes it easy to find matches, manage projects and track outcomes. Interested in learning more? You can attend an upcoming virtual information session on Monday, Dec. 4 at 3 p.m. to see a demonstration of the CU Boulder customized platform. Register for the session, or email Dylan Mark at with questions or to set up a separate time if you can't make the information session.