Published: April 5, 2023

picture of resumeLooking for a job in a changing economy can create uncertainty and stress. As news of layoffs and inflation continues, finding a job may be more challenging. Yet, you can take steps to position yourself to succeed.

While the circumstances in some fields aren’t ideal, many industries with open positions still want to employ new graduates. Career Services is here to help you understand the job search process and how you can tap into resources and strategies to build your confidence and open the door to opportunities.

Here are ways to enhance your job search in a shifting economy.

Seek jobs in stable or growing industries

Even in times of economic uncertainty, there will be companies still hiring. However, the competition for those jobs will likely increase. Focus on industries that are consistently posting jobs.

While no industry offers total protection from layoffs, some industries typically have more stability. Consider looking for jobs in education, government, health care and public safety.

Expand your job search

If your preferred industry or specific job type is experiencing a slowdown in hiring, consider alternatives where you can build transferable skills. Then when positions in your preferred sector become available, you can use your experience to bolster your resume.

Focus on companies and transferable skills rather than job titles as you search for a position. See what companies are currently hiring and read the job postings carefully. You may discover roles where you have relevant transferable skills that are a different job title than you might have considered previously.

Be flexible

Consider non-traditional work options, like temporary, contract or freelance work. Temporary or contract work offers a great way to develop your skills and expand your professional network. 

Freelance work and odd jobs can provide income while you look for a more stable, full-time position. 

If you are willing to relocate to an area with more job opportunities, you may find a position more aligned with your career goals. You can seek out geographic locations experiencing an increased demand for skilled workers.

Develop your skills

Help yourself stand out in the job search by developing needed skills. Notice what skills appear in job postings and identify whether you need to grow those skills.

Career Services offers the Skills for Success program to help you identify your current skills and the skills you want to develop. The program can help you create a plan to develop those skills.

Build your network

Networking is always important for a job search, but it’s even more so when fewer available jobs exist. Let your family and friends know that you’re looking for a job and the type of job your skills would qualify you for. You can also connect with CU Boulder alumni on LinkedIn or the Forever Buffs Network.

Use informational interviews as a way to learn more about a specific industry or company. You’ll get to hear firsthand what the hiring process looks like in that sector. 

Use your campus resources

Searching for a job, especially during economic uncertainty, can feel exhausting and discouraging. We want to encourage you that you are not alone. You have a support system here at CU Boulder and in your larger network. 

If you need help getting started with your job search, reach out to Career Services. You can schedule an appointment with a career advisor or join the office hours on zoom