Published: Feb. 22, 2023


student checking out equipment at The RecWorking on campus is an excellent way to gain professional experience. On-campus jobs offer students a flexible way to earn money while developing relevant skills for future employment and careers.

Career Services offers resources to enhance your job search and prepare you for life after college. Consider how to position yourself professionally by gaining experience at an on-campus job.

Step 1: Identify the skills you want to develop

Think about the skills you want to develop for your future job or graduate school application. You can review foundational skills employers typically look for as a great starting point to establish your skill goals.

  • Request a skills report to help you determine specific skills you want to build in your on-campus job relevant to your future career interests.
  • Review the skills you’ve identified, and choose one or two relevant to your on-campus job to focus on for growth.

Step 2: Talk to your supervisor about your skill goals

Meet with your supervisor to discuss your skill goals. Communicate how developing those skills relates to your job and can benefit your work performance. Ask if you can initiate a project or complete a task related to a desired skill. 

Explore ideas for developing specific skills.

Step 3: Follow through on your skill development plan

After your supervisor assigns a project or task related to your skill development, plan how you’ll complete the task or project within the designated timeframe.

  • Set small, achievable action steps.
  • Utilize resources to enhance your skill development. Explore LinkedIn Learning for access to online courses related to various skills. For example, searching for “improve written communication skills” will identify various related courses.
  • Ask your supervisor for input as you work on your project or task. It’s important to seek feedback to ensure your work aligns with your supervisor’s expectations. You can schedule specific check-in meetings or send examples of your work in progress. 

Step 4: Add your completed project or task to your resume

Once you complete the project or task, update your resume and online profiles with the new information. 

  • Write a strong bullet point about the completed project or task on your resume. Highlight the developed skill. Use an action verb to start your bullet point.
  • Add the new skill to your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles.

Student-focused and flexible

Unlike many jobs off campus, your on-campus supervisor understands that your primary focus is completing your education. Navigating your academic and job responsibilities can be more manageable as a student employee.

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