Published: May 26, 2022

Papers on a deskInternships can be crucial in developing new skills, understanding the world of work and securing a full-time position in the future. They allow you to “test drive” opportunities to find a position that’s a good fit for you. Here are some ways to make the most of your experience and impress your employer this summer.

Communicate efficiently and effectively

Communication is a great foundational skill to develop while you’re working at an internship. Whether your internship is in person, fully remote or has limited in-person staff interaction, it’s important to communicate efficiently and effectively with your supervisor and co-workers. 

Make sure to respond to emails and other forms of communication in a timely manner (preferably the same day or within 24 hours). Be professional in your responses, but allow some of your personality to show as well. Pay attention to how others communicate at your company, and mirror those who are able to balance professionalism and personal touches.

Get to know your co-workers

Check with your supervisor to learn about ways you can interact with your new colleagues. That might include short video calls or meetings to introduce yourself, or opening up a chat thread where you can communicate with your team. You might even want to organize coffee breaks or lunch in person or by video conference with small groups.

Regardless of the format, an internship is a great way to learn from others and their work experiences. Find out more about their career paths and what they do in their roles, and ask for advice on your own career options.

Be a go-getter

Taking initiative is a skill that many employers desire in their employees. Focus on how you can excel at tasks that are within your abilities. This includes

  • Managing and completing tasks before deadlines

  • Volunteering to take on extra work

  • Seeking answers before asking your supervisor

  • Proposing a project idea to your supervisor

If you’re working remotely, where it can be challenging for supervisors to see the effort you put in, it is especially important to be self-motivated, efficient and hard-working.

Ask for feedback

While employers don’t expect perfection from interns, they do want to see that you’re learning and improving. Use your internship as an opportunity to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Check in with your supervisor throughout your internship to assess your progress. Ask questions such as, “What can I be doing better?” or “Is there anything else I should be doing?” Listen to their feedback and look for ways to improve.

You might make mistakes and that’s OK. In fact, it may be expected when you start a new job. Owning your mistakes and talking through possible solutions can help you develop as a professional.

Keep in touch

The connections you make this summer can help you build a strong professional network. You never know who might have a great job opening or piece of advice in the future. Stay connected with those you meet during your internship by adding them on LinkedIn. Before your last day, write a sincere and personal thank you note to those who influenced your experience. Gestures like this can make a lasting impression on the people around you. It shows you valued your time with them and everything you learned.

Reflect on your experience

Take some time at the end of your internship for reflection. Did you like the work you did and the work environment? Did it provide direction for your future or eliminate a career path or role you thought you were interested in? Keep track of the projects you worked on and skills you developed by updating your resume or LinkedIn profile, and reflect on them as well. Make note of what you learned and how it might influence your future options.

Internships can be great launch pads for your career. Taking these steps, as well as demonstrating your professionalism and willingness to learn, can help you at any organization.