wing of an airplane over waterThere are many benefits to working abroad, both personally and professionally. It’s a great way to experience a different culture, gain experience in your field of study and work for outstanding companies and organizations. Here are some tips to start your job search if you’re interested in working abroad or having an international career based in the U.S.

Beginning your global job search 

International careers can be found in many different industries. Federal governments, nonprofits/NGOs, international organizations, business, finance, law and teaching are just a few of the sectors that offer international careers. 

You can start your global job search from Colorado by making connections. Some ways to connect internationally include

  • Joining international organizations on campus or in the Boulder community.
  • Volunteering for local international organizations and nonprofits.
  • Mentoring an international student in your department or program. 
  • Participating in local intercultural events, conferences and festivals.
  • Seeking an internship with an international organization or non-profit, U.S. companies with a global presence or even the State Department. 
  • Using LinkedIn or Forever Buffs Network to find CU Boulder alumni living and working abroad. 

If you have the chance to travel abroad, reach out to people in your field or look for expat groups to connect with. Get to know the locals as you’re traveling to learn more about the culture and community.

GoinGlobal is another great resource to search for international jobs and internships. You can also use GoinGlobal to find professional associations in other countries and learn more about setting up a global career.

Networking is key 

As you make new connections, focus on building relationships with people in the country and industry you want to work in.

One way to do this is to set up informational interviews. These informal conversations offer a chance to learn more about a specific company or industry, or what it takes to work in certain fields or cultures. This practice can also give you insight into the paths that others have taken to launch their global careers or advice they have for you as you start out your search.

As your network grows, be sure to maintain prior international connections, and talk to people who are involved with international organizations. Review more tips for networking as a graduate student.

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