We identify and collaborate with stakeholders on and off-campus in order to produce creative, comprehensive, and feasible solutions to meet the short and long term needs of the University.

Capital Construction

Facilities Planners are responsible for design phase management of capital construction projects through the design development phase. The design phase includes:

  • project initiation (pre-design is reviewed by DRB)
  • space needs analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • conceptual design*
  • program planning
  • project approval coordination
  • architect selection
  • schematic design*
  • design development*

*DRB must approve projects at each of these 3 design stages in the process.

Design Review Board (DRB)

The DRB was formally created in 1968 by the president of the University to review and approve architectural design and campus planning for the three University of Colorado campuses. The Campus Architect of each campus brings to the DRB his or her findings on building design, campus land planning design, or any other design issues that involve change to the physical appearance of his or her campus. For more information on the DRB, see the CU System capital construction and planning website.

Consultant Selection

We maintain this webpage to aid consultants in the preparation of proposals on university projects. From time to time, the university needs architectural and land planning consultants to assist in its capital development program. By State statute, projects with fees over $100,000 or with total project costs over $2,000,000 must enter into a Qualifications Based Selection process for selection by the governing board, which for the University of Colorado is the Board of Regents.

Requests for qualifications generally follow the Legislative cycle, with State-funded projects being released in April through June and cash-funded projects released in January through March.  Occasionally,  cash-funded projects may be released in an off month.

When such a process is instituted, the university will advertise in two places: on the State of Colorado BIDS page and in The Daily Journal. We will post any additional information, including information packets, questions, or links to background information through this page.