The process for the submittal of capital requests is governed by campus administration and the state of Colorado.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is made up of requests for proposed facilities improvements in excess of $2,000,000, regardless of funding source. The CIP is approved through the campus and submitted to the state on an annual basis. The CIP, along with individual capital requests are reviewed in May of each year by the CU Board of Regents and approved in June.

Links are provided for further understanding of the approval process.

CU Boulder Campus policy

The “Phase Gate Approval Process” is being piloted on campus now:

Phase Gate Approval Process chart

Campus Planning, Design and Construction website:

Campus Master Plan:

CU Board of Regent policy Administrative Policy Statement 3002 :

Colorado Commission on Higher Education capital policy:

Office of the State Architect policy:

Colorado legislative references:

Colorado Revised Statute 23-1-106. Duties and powers of the commission (on higher education) with respect to capital construction and long-range planning.

HB16-1459 – Submission Threshold for Higher Ed Cash Projects Implementation

SB15-270 – Duties of the Office of State Architect

HB14-1387 – Revised state capital policy