Table of Contents
Section I - Institutional Goals
Section II - Campus Setting
Section III - Sustainability
Section IV - Facilities Needs
Section V - Land and Facilities Plan
Section VI - Enactment and Implementation Provisions
Section VII - Online Supporting Information

List of Exhibits

Institutional Goals

I-B-1         Fall Headcount Enrollment – CU-Boulder, 1970-2010
I-B-2         Colorado High School Graduates 2000-2030
I-B-3         Projected Enrollment
I-B-4         Enrollment Scenarios
I-C-1         Sponsored Research Funding (in millions)
I-D-1         CU-Boulder Employees 2001-2010
I-D-2         Ten-Year Projections of the Number of Employees

Campus Setting

II-A-1        Campus Location in Boulder
II-C-1        Campus Contour Map
II-C-2        Flood Mapping 
II-D-1        Land Use Areas
II-D-2        Existing Outdoor Spaces

Facilities Needs

IV-B-1       Academic Land Use Areas
IV-B-2       Ten-Minute Class Change Area
IV-C-1      Services and Administration Land Use Areas
IV-D-1      Athletics and Recreation Land Use Areas
IV-F-1       Residential Land Use Areas
IV-G-1      Natural Areas Land Use Areas
IV-G-2      Undeveloped Land Use Areas

Land and Facilities Plan

V-A-1        Long Term Potential Development Areas
V-A-2        Axial Plan of Main Campus          
V-A-3        Proposed Capital Projects List
V-A-3a     Ten-Year New Construction Project
V-A-4        Proposed Demolition List
V-A-5        Density of Development
V-A-7        Fire Safety Status Map
V-A-8        Campus Buildings Accessibility
V-B-1        East Campus Framework Plan
V-B-2        North of Boulder Creek Framework Plan
V-B-3        Williams Village Micro Master Plan
V-B-4a     Mountain Research Station Site Map
V-B-4b     Mountain Research Station Land Use Plan
V-B-5        South Campus Conceptual Land Use Plan
V-B-6        Grandview Area Micro-Master Plan
V-C-1       Quadrangles and Lawns
V-C-2       Plazas, Terraces, Courtyards and Gardens
V-C-3       Recreation and Athletic Fields
V-C-4       Natural Areas
V-E-1        Existing Bicycle Network
V-E-2        RTD Bus Routes
V-E-3        Street Function Class and Proposed Facilities – City of Boulder
V-E-4        Traffic Volume Comparison 2001-2009
V-E-5        Signalized Intersection AM
V-E-6        Signalized Intersection PM
V-E-7        Main Campus Parking Lots
V-E-8        East Campus Parking Lots
V-E-9        Williams Village Parking Lots
V-E-10      Proposed Pedestrian Network
V-E-11      Proposed Bicycle Network with Class
V-E-12      Secure Bike Parking/Bike Sharing/Bike Stations
V-E-13      Proposed Orbit Route
V-E-14      Preferred Stampede Route
V-E-15      Route J Options
V-E-16      Proposed Street Improvements
V-E-17      Potential Future Parking Expansion Sites
V-E-18      Fire Lanes

Enactment and Implementation Provisions

VI-D-1      Surrounding Land Use Areas

On-Line Supporting Information

1. Campuswide Space Needs Analysis

2. Task Force Reports

        Academic Needs and Space Utilization

       Community Partnerships

        East Campus Vision

        Living-Learning Environment

        North of Boulder Creek

        Recreation, Open Space and Athletics

        Sustainability Transportation

3. Transportation Master Plan