Using Hierarchical Logistic Regression to Study DIF and DIF Variance in Multilevel Data

By Benjamin Shear. When contextual features of test-taking environments differentially affect item responding for different test-takers and these features vary across test administrations, they may cause differential item functioning (DIF) that varies across test administrations. Because many common DIF detection methods ignore potential DIF variance, this paper proposes the use of random coefficient hierarchical logistic regression (RC-HLR) models to test for both uniform DIF and DIF variance simultaneously.

Learning Progressions and Embedded Assessment

By Derek C. Briggs and Erin Marie Furtak. Learning progressions have great potential as an organizing framework for classroom instruction and assessment. However, successful implementation of this framework hinges upon developing a curriculum-embedded system of student assessment. In this chapter, an approach to meeting this challenge is illustrated in the context of a learning progression in science that crosses the disciplinary boundaries of physics, chemistry and biology in a high school setting.

Making Inferences about Teacher Observation Scores over Time

By Derek C. Briggs and Jessica L. Alzen. Observation protocol scores are commonly used as status measures to support inferences about teacher practices. When multiple observations are collected for the same teacher over the course of a year, some portion of a teacher’s score on each occasion may be attributable to the rater, lesson and time of year of the observation.

Examining the Dual Purpose Use of Student Learning Objectives for Classroom Assessment and Teacher Evaluation

By Derek C. Briggs, Rajendra Chattergoon, and Amy Burkhardt. The process of setting and evaluating Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) has become increasingly popular as an example where classroom assessment is intended to fulfill the dual purpose use of informing instruction and holding teachers accountable.

Using a Learning Progression Framework to Assess and Evaluate Student Growth

Link to Resource: Using a learning progression framework to assess and evaluate student growth . [ Click here for the Executive Summary ] Authors: Derek Briggs, Elena Diaz-Bilello, Fred Peck, Jessica Alzen, Raymond Johnson Citation: Briggs, D.C., Diaz-Bilello, E., Peck, F., Alzen, J., Chattergoon, R., & Johnson, R. (2015). Using...

The Prospects of Teacher Pay-for-Performance

Link to Resource: The prospects of teacher pay-for-performance Authors: Derek Briggs, Michael Turner, Charles Bibilos, Andy Maul Citation: Briggs, D. C., Turner, M., Bibilos, C. & Maul, A. (2014) The prospects of teacher pay-for-performance. Boulder, CO: Center for Assessment Design Research and Evaluation (CADRE).