Published: April 23, 2024

A new volume released by the National Academy of Education (NAEd), Reimagining Balanced Assessment SystemsA new volume released by the National Academy of Education (NAEd) this month, Reimagining Balanced Assessment Systems, "expands upon our understanding of balanced assessment systems and provides critical guidance to researchers and practitioners". Many CADRE partners contributed to this volume, including Faculty Partner Lorrie Shepard who participated on the steering committee, CADRE Associate Director Elena Diaz-Bilello who was a lead author for chapter six, and Faculty Affiliate Erin Furtak who co-authored chapter four.

"Reimagining Balanced Assessment Systems explores the history of these assessment systems and reimagines their use by centering equitable and ambitious teaching and learning. In doing so, the volume provides guidance to state and local educational agencies, as well as schools and teachers, regarding how to (1) foster and maintain a culture of productive assessment use to improve ambitious and equitable teaching and learning at the class­room level; (2) design policy, professional learning, and other local systems necessary to implement balanced assessment systems; and (3) implement processes to use aggregate data to continually improve the assessment system itself to better serve all students, especially those most disenfranchised." — National Academy of Education

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