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Link to Resource: Teacher Perspectives on the Content-Referenced Growth Reporting Prototype: Findings from Interviews

Authors: Derek Briggs, Olivia Cox, Sandy Student, Erik Whitfield*

*Authors listed in alphabetical order, all contributed equally to the writing of this report.

This study aims to analyze in-service elementary teachers’ reactions to a prototype for reporting content referenced growth on a widely used commercial assessment, Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Diagnostic. The prototype is built around an approach to growth that centers learning progressions (LPs), tools that describe the developmental path students are likely to take when learning a big picture concept in mathematics or reading (Clements & Sarama, 2004). Created through a partnership between CU Boulder and Curriculum Associates, the score reporting prototype is intended to support teachers, parents, and students in interpreting both the status of student understanding at one point in time and their growth in understanding across points in time. The purpose of this study is to gain insight into the intended use of the prototype by soliciting feedback from practicing teachers about: (a) the potential usefulness of embedding LP information into the i-Ready diagnostic report, (b), substantive interpretations supported by the LP prototype, and (c) the prototype’s usability.