Buff OneCard™ 

  • The Buff OneCard™ is the official identification card for all students, faculty and staff at the University of Colorado Boulder ("CU Boulder" or the “university”). Cardholders are requested to carry the Buff OneCard™ at all times while on campus or when accessing campus services. The cardholder is responsible for the care, protection and maintenance of their Buff OneCard™. Any damage to the magnetic stripe on the Buff OneCard™ that causes the card to become unreadable by any card reader will require replacement of the card at the cardholder's expense. Cardholders understand their Buff OneCard™ privileges and account(s) will be deactivated if they are not currently enrolled in classes or are currently not employed by the university.

Agreement Terms

  • In this agreement the words “you”, “your” and “yours” refer to the actual cardholder for whom the Buff OneCard™ was issued and for whom use of the “Munch Money” and the proposed CU Campus Cash account(s) will be held contractually liable. The use of "CU Boulder" or “university” refers to the University of Colorado Boulder.

Card Issuance

  • To obtain a Buff OneCard, you must complete a Buff OneCard Request Form and submit it to the Campus Card Office together with a drivers license or government issued photo ID. Enrollment and/or employment at CU Boulder must be verified and a carding fee must be paid via cash, check or credit card at the time of carding. Students who have paid the CU Boulder Matriculation Fee will receive their first Buff OneCard as a part of paying that fee. Receiving and using your Buff OneCard constitutes your acceptance of the full Terms and Conditions listed in this agreement.

Identification Card

  • Your Buff OneCard identifies you as a student or employee at the University of Colorado Boulder. The cardholder understands that the Buff OneCard remains the property of the University of Colorado and the Campus Card Program. It may not be lent or transferred to another person, and should be carried at all times to verify your identity to CU Boulder officials. After your Buff OneCard has been issued, you agree to allow any swipe or tap transaction to be treated as your digital signature.

Activity Card

  • A Buff OneCard allows currently enrolled CU Boulder students and regular employees to attend or participate in university activities such as athletic events, cultural events and student functions. The card also grants students and employees access to campus facilities and programs such as campus housing and dining centers, RTD bus programs, CU Boulder libraries, and the Student Recreation Center. (Note: students and employees may also have to purchase a ticket, pay a fee and/or satisfy additional eligibility requirements to attend certain events, participate in certain activities or access certain programs or facilities.)

Meal Plans and Munch Money Account(s)

  • Munch Money account(s) are opened automatically as a part of most housing meal plans. Your Buff OneCard is required to verify your eligibility for meals and enables Campus Dining Services to keep track of your meal plan usage. Munch Money account(s) are non-refundable and non-transferable as outlined in your “Housing & Dining Services Contract."  Funds are purchased for use during a specific semester only. Any funds left over at the end of that semester revert back to the university. For more information please refer to your “Housing & Dining Services Contract.”

Buff OneBanking Account(s)

  • The optional Buff OneBanking™ account allows you to use your Buff OneCard™ as an ATM and PIN based debit card to make purchases at locations on and off campus by debiting funds from your Elevations Credit Union checking account. This optional feature is available to all new and current Elevations Credit Union account holders who have been issued a Buff OneCard™. After opening your account with the Elevations Credit Union you can activate a Buff One Banking™ account by encoding self-selected a four digit PIN on your Buff OneCard™ at any Elevations branch. For more information about opening a Buff One Banking™ account or to get Buff One Banking™ terms and conditions information, please visit any Elevations Credit Union branch. Information is also available on the Elevations website

CU Campus Cash Account(s)

  • CU Campus Cash ™ account(s) allow cardholders to make small dollar purchases on campus. This optional account can be used for dining retail outlet purchases, laundry and printing anywhere CU Campus Cash™ transactions are accepted.  
  • To make a purchase with your Buff OneCard™ using your CU Campus Cash™ account, the amount of the purchase (including any applicable taxes) is electronically debited from deposited funds. This account cannot be used as a credit account and the cardholder is responsible for any transaction completed when their account has insufficient funds. Additional fees of up to $25.00 may be incurred for insufficient funds transactions.
  • CU Campus Cash™ account(s) are set up automatically with a zero dollar balance for all Buff OneCard™ holders. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Funds remain in a cardholder’s account transferring from semester to semester until graduation, withdrawal or termination from the university. When a cardholder account is inactive for 18 months or more, funds in their CU Campus Cash™ account may revert back to the university 

CU Campus Cash™ Account(s) Activation

  • Each student, faculty or staff issued a Buff OneCard™ will have a CU Campus Cash™ account automatically set up with a zero-balance, ready for activation by the cardholder. Making a minimum deposit of $5.00 activates your CU Campus Cash™ account. After this activation deposit has been made, the minimum deposit is $5.00. The maximum deposit for CU Campus Cash™ account(s) is $100.00. Balances for individual CU-Campus Cash™ account(s) can never exceed $100.00. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and can only be spent at approved CU Campus Cash™ locations. Making any deposits into these accounts means you have accepted the full terms and conditions listed within this document.

CU Campus Cash™ Account(s) Deposit

  • You can make deposits to your CU Campus Cash™ account by cash, personal check or credit card. Non-cash deposits will be credited to the appropriate CU Campus Cash™ account when the university receives good funds from your bank or credit card issuer. If the university agrees to credit your account before your check or credit card charge has cleared, you understand and agree that you will be liable to CU-Boulder if your check or credit card charge is returned unpaid. In addition, the university may bill you or deduct $25.00 from your CU Campus Cash™ account to cover the cost of handling unpaid checks or credit card charges. If there are insufficient funds in your CU Campus Cash™ account, the university may place these charges on your university bursar's account for payment. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and can only be spent at approved CU Campus Cash™ locations.
  • The Campus Card Office upon receipt of the initial deposit will activate and open this account. Deposits may be made as follows:
    • In person at the Campus Card Office during normal business hours, or at any campus Copy Center with cash, check, money order, traveler's check or credit card.
    • By mail, with a written request including your CU ID number and name, using a check or money order payable to the“University of Colorado” and mailed to:
      • Campus Card Office
        159 UCB
        Boulder, CO 80309-0159
    • Via the online process by going to the Buff OneCard homepage and clicking on Deposit Money (credit card only).


Please note: All deposits to you CU Campus Cash™ account are non-refundable and non-transferable

Please read the following regarding the use of CU Campus Cash Account(s): 

  • The cardholder understands and agrees that to activate their CU Campus Cash™ account they must make a minimum deposit of $1.00.
  • The cardholder understands and agrees funds can only be spent at approved participating locations for goods and services. 
  • The cardholder understands and agrees that cash withdrawals and/or transfers are never permitted.
  • The cardholder understands and agrees that the Buff OneCard™ is not a credit card and cannot be used to obtain cash advances.
  • The cardholder understands and agrees that their CU-Campus Cash™ account is not a credit account and cannot be used for expenditures that exceed your current CU Campus Cash™ account balance.
  • The cardholder understands and agrees that no interest or other earnings on funds deposited in your CU-Campus Cash™ account(s) will accrue or be paid or credited to you by CU Boulder.
  • The cardholder understands and agrees that all Campus Card account(s) are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • The cardholder understands that they are liable for unauthorized use of their Buff OneCard™ and all associated account(s). 

The cardholder understands that it is their responsibility to report their Buff OneCard™ lost or stolen in order to protect themselves against possible unauthorized use by calling 24 hours a day 303-492-1212. 

Reporting Buff OneCards Lost or Stolen

  • You can report your Buff OneCard™ lost or stolen 24 hours per day by calling 303-492-1212. You can report your card lost or stolen by going to the Buff OneCard homepage and clicking "Report a lost or stolen card" 24 hours per day. You can report your card lost or stolen in person at the Campus Card Office Monday through Friday during regular university business hours (excluding all university holidays).
  • By reporting your card lost or stolen it is deactivated and your account(s) are suspended preventing unauthorized use and disallowing further transactions. The cardholder is responsible for all use prior to when the card has been reported lost or stolen.
  • Once a card has been reported lost or stolen the cardholder is required to visit the Campus Card Office in person to have the card reissued and account balances transferred. Cards are reissued at the cost of $30.00 payable at the time the card is reissued.

Account(s) Inactivity

  • The Campus Card Office will charge a $5.00 account-inactivity fee after an account has been inactive for a period of twelve months or more. Account inactivity is defined as an account not being used for any deposits or transaction during a specific period.

Account(s) Closure

  • The Campus Card Office will close any Buff OneCard™ account that has been inactive for eighteen (18) months or more. An account closure fee of up to $25.00 will be assessed and withdrawn at the time of the account closure. Fund balances greater than the $25.00 closure fee will revert to the university upon closure of the account.

Account(s) Statements

  • Cardholders will not be sent statements of itemized transaction activity. Accounts can be checked on the Buff OneCard website 24 hours a day free of charge. Statements can be requested in person at the Campus Card Office during regular university business hours. There is a $1.00 per page processing fee for all cardholder statements payable at the time of the request. 


  • The university reserves the right to correct the balance credited to your Buff OneCard™ account(s) if it believes that a clerical or accounting error occurred. If you wish to dispute a correction or believe that the correction was incorrect, you must contact the Campus Card Office in writing about the correction within 60 days of the event. 

Transaction and Other Fees

  • Generally, transaction fees are not assessed to the cardholder for regular transactions; however, any transaction or returned check that is processed with insufficient funds may result in a $25.00 overdraft fee charged to the cardholder.   

Privacy Statement

  • Your photo will be displayed to staff and faculty in various administrative systems and will serve as your profile image in the university’s learning management system, where your instructors and classmates will be able to view it. Campus Card Program personnel may release your photo to authorized university departments or the public after a request has been made in writing and reviewed by committee. Currently enrolled students may withhold disclosure of public directory information (i.e. address information, phone numbers and photos) under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. To withhold disclosure, a student must inquire at the Registrar's Office in Regent Hall during regular business hours.

Applicable Law

  • Terms and Conditions Agreement is governed by policies of the University of Colorado, the law of the State of Colorado and all applicable federal statutes and regulations. 

Shortages and Negative Amounts

  • Cardholders are responsible for keeping track of the expenditures made with their Buff OneCard™. Attempting a purchase when there are insufficient funds in your Buff OneCard™ account(s), the card reader, point-of-sale terminal, or cashier will not approve the transaction. However, a system malfunction or human error may sometimes result in a debit that exceeds the balance in your account creating a “shortage” or “negative” balance. The cardholder understands and agrees to be liable for any shortages or negative balance amounts in their Buff OneCard™ account(s). If the university bills you for a negative balance, you agree to repay the amount promptly. You also agree that the university may, in its discretion, offset a negative balance against subsequent deposits to any of your account(s). 
  • Repeated shortages or negative balance occurrences is grounds for closing some or all of your Buff OneCard™ account(s). For any account with a shortage or negative balance, the university may charge an overdraft fee of $25.00 or 10 percent of the shortage or negative amount, whichever is greater.


  • The university is the owner of certain trademarks, trade names and service marks including but not limited to, “CU”, “University of Colorado”, “Colorado Buffalos”, “Buff OneCard”, “Buff Gold”, Buff One Banking”, “Buff Points” “Buff”, “Buffs”, “CU-Campus Cash”, the interlocking CU, the seal, the Buff OneCard buffalo image and the buffalo containing CU image. Use of these terms, trade names and service marks are expressly prohibited without prior written approval from the university.

Cancellation of Agreement

  • The university reserves the right to cancel this Terms and Conditions Agreement and revoke any or all of the rights or privileges granted to you if you violate university rules, policies, or procedures; if you violate the terms of the Buff OneCard™ application form or if any information on the form is inaccurate; or if you breach this agreement in any way.

Change in Terms and Conditions

  • The university reserves the right to make reasonable changes in terms and conditions described in this agreement. Changes in these terms and conditions will apply to all Buff OneCard™ holders and to all active Buff OneCard™ account(s). New terms and conditions will supersede terms and conditions in effect when the card was issued and/or validated. The university will notify cardholder of any changes in these terms and conditions and of the date on which the changes will become effective.


(Revised July 2016)