General Buff OneCard Questions

What should I do if I lose my Buff OneCard?
  • Report a lost or stolen card online immediately.
  • Students who live in the residence halls should contact their hall Community Center if they lose their card after regular business hours. To access your meal plan or Munch Money, download the GET app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Please visit our office in the Center for Community room N180 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or email to request a replacement card. The $30 cost will be applied to your student bill. If you would like your card mailed there is an additional $5 fee, and it can take up to two weeks for mail-in requests to arrive.
  • Once your card is reported lost or stolen, it will be deactivated and your account(s) will be suspended to prevent unauthorized use in Dining or Housing facilities. The cardholder is responsible for all use prior to when the card has been reported. If you live in Graduate and Family Housing, you must contact the GFH office at 303-492-6384 to deactivate your card. 
What should I do if I damage my Buff OneCard?

Please email to request a replacement card. Please include a photo of the front and back of your current card. The $10 cost will be applied to your student bill. Please indicate in the email if you would prefer your card to be mailed or to be picked up at our office. It can take up to two weeks for mail-in requests.

How should I clean my Buff OneCard?

Please use soap and water, and wash your card as you would your hands. Do not use any chemical-based cleaners, as they will damage the card. You can use hand sanitizer if needed but be sure to wash your card off thoroughly as soon as possible afterwards.

I am a new employee, how do I get a card?

Please email with a headshot, and let us know if you would like us to mail your card or if you would prefer to pick it up in person.

Is the Buff OneCard office currently open?

Yes! We do we ask that you try to contact us via email at with your request prior to visiting our office. We are open from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Mon - Fri.

Where can I pick up my card that was already made for me?

You can pick up your card at the Center for Community N180 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

My card is expiring or does not work for building access, what should I do?

Please visit our location with your expired card and we will produce a new card for you. We can also mail a new card to you. If you would like it mailed, please send us a photo of the front and back of your card. If your access is not working and your card is still active, please email with your current card number and we will try to assist you remotely.

Where can I use my card?

Your card provides eligibility for many student privileges, including access to the Recreation Center, Wardenburg Health Center, Campus Dining Services locations, football and basketball games, checking out library books and printing on campus.

How much does a Buff OneCard cost?

As a regularly enrolled student or a regularly employed staff person, your first card is free.

Guests, contractors and temporary employees may need a card to access certain services on campus.

Student Card Pricing

Initial Buff OneCard: free
Replace a lost card: $30
Replace damaged card: $10
Make changes to existing card: $5
New CollegePass: $10

Faculty & Staff Replacement Card

Initial Buff OneCard: free
Replace a lost card: $30
Replace a damaged card: $10
Make changes to existing card: $5
New EcoPass: $10

Guest Card

New Campus Visitor/Guest Card: $10
Replace a damaged card: $10

Non-Student Resident Card Prices

New Family CollegePass Card: $5
Replace a damaged card: $10

When should I use my Buff OneCard?

Your Buff OneCard is your official university identification and as a student or employee you are required to carry it with you whenever you are on campus. It is also your key to all kinds of services and events here at CU.

Present it upon the request of any university official.

Do I need to get a new card every year?

No. Your card is valid as long as you continue to be a student or employee of the University of Colorado Boulder.

If you leave the university for 12 months or more you may need to have a new card issued.

How can I protect my card from damage?

Here are some tips to keep your Buff OneCard is good condition:

  • Do not expose your card to any magnetic devices
  • Do not store your card on the back of your phone while using a wireless charger or a contactless payment method like Apple Pay
  • Keep your card in a safe carrying sleeve
  • Do not punch holes in your card
  • Do not give your Buff OneCard to anyone else
  • Do not tamper with any information on your card
  • Never give your Buff OneBanking PIN number to anyone
  • Memorize your PIN and do not write it on your card
  • Clean card only with soap and water, do not use harsh chemicals.
How do I make changes to my card?

Please email with your request.

Why can't I put stickers on my card?

Stickers rub off when put through the various card readers on campus and especially at ATM machines. It is very costly to replace or repair these readers.

Putting a sticker directly on your card may result in your card being confiscated and destroyed.

To obtain a new card the cost is $30.

I have recently transitioned - how do I get a new Buff OneCard to reflect those changes?

The Buff OneCard office has partnered with the Pride Office to replace your Buff OneCard at no cost. Please follow the instructions from Center for Inclusion and Social Change (CISC) to update your name and photo. 

Completing a preferred/legal name change through the Registrar's Office will change your name in various computer systems across campus, however, in order to receive a new card, you must follow the additional instructions from CISC above.  

Munch Money & Campus Cash

How do I make a deposit into my Campus Cash account?

The easiest way to make a Campus Cash deposit is online using this Buff OneCard site. Choose from one of the options on the Home page.

You can also mail a check to:
Buff OneCard Office
159 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0159

Make sure to include the name and card number you are trying to make the deposit to.

And finally, you can make a deposit in person at the Buff OneCard Office.

Where can I spend my Campus Cash?

Campus Cash is generally used for small dollar purchases on campus such as campus printing, food at the UMC Grill and most HDS dining locations, and to do laundry in your residence hall.

Every cardholder has a Campus Cash account ready for activation when they are issued a Buff OneCard.

Campus Cash Cards are also available for purchase by members of the public to access printing and dining services across campus.

Where can I spend my Munch Money?

Munch Money is part of your Housing & Dining Services meal plan and can be used at any dining center, grab-n-go or retail outlet.

For more information on locations and hours visit the Campus Dining Services webpage.

What is the difference between Munch Money and Campus Cash?

Munch Money is part of your Housing & Dining Services meal plan and can be used at any dining center, grab-n-go or retail outlet. If you use up your Munch Money, you can use Campus Cash instead for the same purchases. Campus Cash additionally can be used for laundry and printing. Munch Money cannot be used for laundry and printing.

Buff One Banking

How can I use my Buff OneCard for ATM and Buff One Banking transactions?

When you open a Buff One Banking account with Elevations Credit Union, you can pick your own PIN number to be encoded on your Buff OneCard.

Then you can use it to access funds in your checking account at thousands of ATMs and hundreds of merchants that accept STAR network transactions.

Visit the Elevations Credit Union website for more information.

Where can I use my Buff One Banking account?

On-campus Buff One Banking locations:

  • Alferd Packer Grill
  • CU Bookstore
  • the CU Connection
  • Hearsay Cafe
  • Real McCoy
  • Wardenburg Health Center

Buff One Banking can be used off-campus at any merchant in the Star Network, including King Soopers, Safeway and See Eyewear.

Is there a way for me to review the Buff One Banking agreement between CU Boulder and Elevations Credit Union?

Yes. Please click on the current agreement to view the PDF. 

Visitor & Guest Cards

How do I obtain a Campus Visitor/Guest Card?

Complete the online form (located under the Visitors & Guests tab).

Email with a photo and birthdate of the person you are requesting a card for. If the person previously had a card, please provide the old card number in lieu of the photo.

All guest cards cost $5 payable at the time the card is issued.

What if I damage my Campus Visitor/Guest card?

Email and we will arrange a replacement for you.

Where can I use my Campus Visitor/Guest card?

The Campus Visitor/Guest card can be used at the Recreation Center, housing dining centers and for checking out library books, if these privileges have been purchased.

Sometimes the card is required for door access into labs or other restricted areas.

RTD Bus Pass

I lost my RTD CollegePass or Employee EcoPass card. Where can I get a replacement RTD pass?

EcoPass and CollegePass replacements can be requested by emailing

Your first card is free and replacement cards can be purchased for a fee of $10, which is required by the Environmental Center and RTD.

What RTD buses can I ride for free?

You can ride all the local and regional buses in Boulder and Denver. This includes: Lightrail and local Hop/Skip/Jump/Bound/Stampede/Leap services.

The SkyRide to Denver International Airport has no extra fee for EcoPass cardholders when taking the service to and from DIA.

RTD EcoPass and CollegePass cardholders must pay the full fare for special rides like the Rockies or Broncos Ride.

For route information visit the RTD website.


I am a Continuing Education student. Am I eligible for a card?


You may purchase a card for $30.

If you elect to pay the full student fees you will be eligible for an EcoPass and Student Recreation Center access.

I live in Graduate & Family Housing. Am I eligible for a card?


Family members of an enrolled student resident may purchase a card for $5.

I am a temporary employee. Am I eligible for a Buff OneCard and/or RTD EcoPass?


Temporary employees are not eligible for a faculty/staff Buff OneCard or the RTD benefit.

However, you may purchase a Campus Visitor/Guest card for $5 if you bring authorizing paperwork to the Buff OneCard Office at the time of carding.

I am a retired employee. Am I eligible for a Buff OneCard and RTD pass?


Retired employees are eligible for a Buff OneCard.

Emeritus professors and employees returning to work are eligible for a Buff OneCard and an EcoPass card.