The following outlines what you will need to do based on where your website is hosted.

CU Boulder Web Express Websites

For websites on the Web Express platform, the brand change will be applied automatically and no action is needed from site owners.

How to determine if you are on Web Express: If your website has a URL pattern of or and you login to edit your website at, you are on the campus-supported Web Express platform.

You can find details on when the brand updates will be applied to sites on the Web Express platform via the Web Central website.

Subdomain Websites and/or Web Applications

If your website has a URL pattern of, you are not on the campus-supported platform and will need to make the brand updates on your own.

How to Apply the Web Brand Identity Standards

NOTE: Websites on the Web Express platform automatically receive the proper brand headers. No extra steps are needed.

The following information is intended for groups that are running a website or web application that is on a subdomain (

To simplify adding the proper web brand header, web developers can use the CU Boulder web style guide and code repository. The web style guide provides all the details needed to implement the brand header, footer, colors and font. If needed, we are always happy to discuss any questions or concerns related to the guidelines to help you with your implementation.