The designated typeface for CU Boulder is Helvetica Neue. This face can be used in all of its available weights and styles as a display face in other official communications and print collateral. When a heavier weight is desired for various communications, it is important to switch to a heavier version of Helvetica Neue, rather than simply pushing the Bold button in a program. This alters the font and is not recommended. 


On, each version of the font can be purchased for $35. Each font purchased can be used on up to five computers. Packages can be purchased for several weights/styles of the font. Units are encouraged to purchase only what is needed. We recommend that departments try to limit the fonts to the main communicators for the unit and not all faculty/staff.

Using the "Be" statements and/or the "Modifier line" does require having the correct font: Helvetica Neue Extra Black Condensed (107). This font can be purchased for $35 at or at

If the cost is problematic, you can send requests with specific wording to and we can prepare the graphics for you. Turnaround depends on how many requests we have in the queue.

All logos and unit-specific lockups requiring the brand font will be provided free of charge to units.

Here is the statement from our brand guidelines that applies:

Our typeface is Helvetica Neue, a classic sans serif face: simple, modern and elegant. The openness and geometry of its form make it highly legible. It works equally well for display type and body copy.

Helvetica Neue is recommended for use as the featured typeface in all University of Colorado Boulder communications. In the absence of Helvetica Neue, the Arial type family is an acceptable substitute.

The brand standard for body copy is that our recommendation is based on what is available on a user's computer in order of preference:

Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, or another sans serif font