CU Boulder's logo system is the foundation of a strong visual identy for the University of Colorado Boulder. Since different entites have different logo requirements, use the navigation bar to the right to learn more about logo guidelines for your specific entity.

CU Boulder Logo

The CU Boulder signature includes two elements: the logomark (interlocking CU) and the wordmark (university name).

University of Colorado Boulder logo

School, College or Unit Logos

Logos for university groups—also known as logo signature extensions or unit-specific lockups—follow a standardized and consistent visual hierarchy that supports the University of Colorado brand while providing a clear and strong unit or group identifier.

 School, College, Unit Logo example

Named School/College Logos

Schools or colleges that have received contributions that allow naming of the school or college for a donor or benefactor (as approved by the CU Foundation and Board of Regents) feature a distinctive typeface and slight wordmark adjustment for the donor-named element.

Leeds School of Business logo

Athletics Logo & Licensing

The use of athletics marks (e.g., “Ralphie” and the athletics interlocking CU) are exclusive to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. They may be used in limited school-spirit instances, as approved by the CU Boulder chancellor through the Strategic Marketing Alliance.

athletics logos

Student Organizations

For student groups that would like a logo expressing their connection to the University of Colorado Boulder, the university allows student organizations in good standing to receive a set of interlocking CU logos that feature their student organization name.

Student organization logo example

Co-branding & Subidentities

A small number of entities at the university operate under the auspices of, or in conjunction with, external entities, such as agencies of the federal government. Those that do may be granted use of the external entity’s logo in conjunction with the university logo, as approved by the University Brand Identity Standards Board.

Co-brand example

University Seals

The official university seal (with Greek lettering as part of the interior design) lends authenticity to documents that emanate from the university, particularly in its corporate capacity.

Official University Seal

The commercial seal (English lettering as part of the interior design) has limited application and should not be substituted for approved university marks on business collateral (e.g., stationery, envelopes, etc.), web pages, electronic applications, print pieces, signage, vehicles or apparel. 

CU Commercial Seal