School logo example

Logos for university groups—also known as logo signature extensions or unit-specific lockups—follow a standardized and consistent visual hierarchy that supports the University of Colorado brand while providing a clear and strong unit or group identifier. Eligible groups include all:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Academic and administrative units
  • Departments
  • Programs
  • Centers and institutes
  • Student groups as recorded by the Center for Student Involvement are also eligible to use campus marks, including unit-specific lockups.

Unit logos include two elem​ents: The CU logomark (interlocking CU), and the unit or group name, followed by the university and campus affiliation. These components are always placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified or redrawn.

Unit logos are available as horizontal, vertical and centered lockups in four-color, spot-color, grayscale and black-and-white variants. The two-line, color, horizontal signature is the preferred treatment for most applications.

Unit logos are standardized throughout the University of Colorado system. Nonstandard or custom marks of any kind—with the exception of those groups that have received a co-branding exemption—are not permitted.

Logos are available for current university employees and can be requested using the download form under the section: "Unit-specific lockups".

Typographic Treatments

Type treatment In lieu of secondary college, school and unit-specific logomarks, the following parameters govern the creation and use of consistent typographic treatments for the promotion of university programs and offerings within these brand identity guidelines.

  • All treatments should use the Helvetica Neue type family.
  • Unique treatments may be developed through variations of type weight, color and alignment.
  • The only colors available for use in typographic treatments are black and CU gold.
  • Each typographic treatment, once created, must be used consistently and cannot be altered with each use.
  • Treatments must always be used in conjunction with a complete University of Colorado Boulder logo signature, according to the brand identity guidelines.
  • Treatments may not be used in university web banners.

For additional guidance—and for assistance in the development of typographic treatments—contact