Published: Aug. 27, 2013
Mark your calendar!
Brakhage Center for the Media Arts
Free! Everyone is welcome! Bring your lunch!
I would like to invite you all to attend and participate in the Brakhage Center for the media arts lunchtime workshop & lecture series, done in collaboration with the Media Archaeology Lab.
Presentations take place from 11:30am to 12:30pm, in the ATLAS building, room 311, on the first Monday of each month, from October 2013 to March 2014.
Speakers in this series include multimedia artist Eric A. Meyer (Oct 7th), cultural theorist, Dr. Andrea Zeffiro (Nov 4th), MAL Director, Dr. Lori Emerson (Dec 2nd), artist and designer, Joel E. Swanson (Feb 3rd), and intermedia artist, designer, and filmmaker, Dr. Matt Soar (March 3rd).
October 7th, 2013
Room 311, ATLAS
CU Boulder, CO
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Presenting Eric A. Meyer:
As the first speaker of our annual lunchtime media arts lecture series at the BC, I am happy to confirm Eric A. Meyer, a multimedia artist. Meyer is a co-founder, designer, and web developer at OddBird; a poet & musician with Teacup Gorilla; a writer, director, and producer for Vicious Trap; an open-source advocate; and a member of Denver Poets’ Theatre. Formerly Artistic Director of New World Arts, and Technical Director for The LIDA Project, his work has also appeared (or is imminent) in Exit Strata PRINT!, SpringGun Journal, the PackingHouse Center for the Arts, EOAGH Journal, and scattered across the internet.
His talk:
No One Wants Your Media Arts
Artist, audience, and academy have vastly different priorities. Unfortunately, the audience never shows up for a Media Arts conference or Lunchtime Series. Who’s looking out for the audience? What can we learn about audience from game designers, web developers, user interface experts, and the technologies they use? How might new media & experimental practice actually help us expand our reach, with art that is more exciting for everyone involved? Why are we even here?
You can keep up with all the events on our blog, at or follow us on Twitter @BrakhageCenter, or me, the organizer @mel_hogan. Tweet me if you plan to attend! 
Please forward this to all others interested, and circulate freely to other lists and throughout your networks and communities.
Email me if you have questions.
Bring your laptops, or just come and listen and discuss!
Looking forward to seeing you in October,
Mél Hogan
Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Curation
Armory 1B24, JMC, CU Boulder
@mel_hogan @BrakhageCenter @MediaArchaeology