The Stan Brakhage Center at the University of Colorado Boulder

The Brakhage Center is named after Stan Brakhage (1933-2003), one of the most innovative and influential filmmakers of the 20th century who was also Distinguished Professor of Film Studies at CU Boulder. A prolific filmmaker, he made nearly 350 films in his 52-year-long career that include psychodramas, autobiographical films, Freudian trance films, song cycles, birth films, meditations on light, and hand-painted films. They range in duration from nine seconds to over four hours and cover every technical format from Super 8mm to 70mm IMAX.

The Center is dedicated to keeping alive Brakhage's legacy by promoting creativity, experimentation and critical inquiry into the media arts. Among its various activities, it hosts a symposium in March as well as a speaker series in fall. It works closely with Norlin Archives on campus, which houses Brakhage's papers and correspondence as well as a print of every film he made. The Center and the Archive constitute an invaluable resource for Brakhage scholars and students as well as lovers of experimental cinema.