Published: Aug. 10, 2013
As part of our annual lunchtime media arts lecture series at the BC, we are happy to confirm Eric Meyer, a multimedia artist. He’s a co-founder, designer, and web developer at OddBird; a poet & musician with Teacup Gorilla; a writer, director, and producer for Vicious Trap; an open-source advocate; and a member of Denver Poets’ Theatre. Formerly Artistic Director of New World Arts, and Technical Director for The LIDA Project, his work has also appeared (or is imminent) in Exit Strata PRINT!, SpringGun Journal, the PackingHouse Center for the Arts, EOAGH Journal, and scattered across the internet.
October 7th, 2013 — Eric Meyer
No One Wants Your Media Arts
Artist, audience, and academy have vastly different priorities. Unfortunately, the audience never shows up for a Media Arts conference or Luncheon Series. Who’s looking out for the audience? What can we learn about audience from game designers, web developers, user interface experts, and the technologies they use? How might new media & experimental practice actually help us expand our reach, with art that is more exciting for everyone involved? Why are we even here?