Boettcher alumna, Vanessa Roman, visiting with CU Scholars

Boettcher alumna, Vanessa Roman, visiting with the CU Scholars. 

We hope you stay in touch after you graduate! One of our goals is to connect our current scholars with Scholar Alumni. Here are some ways you can connect and/or stay in touch:

  • Join our private CU Boulder Boettcher, Daniels and Norlin Scholars LinkedIn Group - Our scholars value your advice on college, graduate school, career paths, etc. Have something exciting you're working on? An internship or opportunity? Announce it to our group. You can also contact us about coming to visit and sharing your story.  When you ask to join the group on LinkedIn, please also send an email to with your scholarship name (Boettcher, Daniels or Norlin) and graduation year.
  • Visit us at CU!  When we can, we like to have alumni share their paths, expertise, work or advice with scholars in an informal setting. Let us know if you want to give back to the scholar community in this way. Email us at to discuss options.