Norlin 2022 Cohort
2022 Norlin Cohort at the Welcome Barbecue
2021 Norlin Scholars
2021 Scholars
Constructions of Knowledge
Constructions of Knowledge Class
Scholars at a picnic table
Scholar Campout
Jack Plantz meditating
Scholar meditating, Indian Creek, Utah (photo courtesy of J. Plantz)
Students eating lunch outside
2020 Scholars Informal Lunch Gathering
Scholars at Chautauqua
Norlin Scholars at Chautauqua
2022 Norlin grads on staircase
2022 Norlin Grads

The interdisciplinary Norlin Scholars Program welcomes students interested in a holistic education. Program participants move from being a student to a scholar; they learn to shift from seeking answers to the asking of questions; they hone their curiosity and build integrative, critical thinking capacities as well as collaborative, multi-modal, verbal and written communication skills. Our office has your full human development in mind with mentoring, academic, professional and social/cultural events, and plenty of support for your health and well-being. 

The Norlin Scholars Program values an undergraduate education that in whole or in part:

  • cultivates a deeper sense of interconnectedness and interdependence 
  • inspires intentional inquiry
  • engages questions in academic, professional, public and global contexts
  • nurtures students' personal and professional growth
  • invites application of learning in the major to addressing social issues
  • employs multiple ways of knowing and meaning making
  • deepens personal, cultural and social awareness
  • honors joy, play, empathy, humor, compassion, spirit, curiosity, and creativity as essential elements of knowing, learning, relating and being

Other benefits of being a Norlin Scholar include:

  • small, unique core courses 
  • research or creative projects with faculty 
  • individual, group and peer mentoring 
  • access to top scholarship advising and guidance 
  • opportunities for professional training and development 
  • a stimulating, interdisciplinary peer group 
  • a yearly scholarship, renewable contingent upon progress on program components