The information below is intended for new first-year and transfer students.

CU Boulder is unique in that we have three different biology majors, each with its own focus. The biology advising team is here to help you identify which major is right for you.

What are the Three Biology Programs?

While ecology and evolution are the main themes of this major, EBIO's flexible curriculum makes this major a good fit for students who would like a more customized experience. Students can count up to twelve credits from select courses from other departments (Ex: Geology, Chemistry, Geography, Psychology, Anthropology, etc.). EBIO students are interested in ecology, environmental issues, health-related professions, plants, animals, etc. This major's ancillary requirement allows students to explore a broad range of other disciplines including Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Computer Science, etc. Explore the major further here!

(Pronounced eye-fie) This major challenges students to develop a strong understanding of the human body. During their junior and senior years, IPHY majors take advanced classes called Core courses that focus on different areas of anatomy and physiology, such as immunology, endocrinology, exercise physiology, and others. While many IPHY majors are interested in a health care profession, graduates pursue various career paths. Explore the major further here! 

Living organisms share many commonalities at the cellular and molecular levels. MCDB majors seek to understand biology from its very foundations by studying how living cells function and communicate. The MCDB major includes key classes such as genetics, molecular and cellular biology. As juniors and seniors, MCDB students study specialized topics, such as cellular basis of disease, molecular neurobiology, experimental embryology, biology of the stem cell, etc. MCDB graduates pursue careers in biotechnology, scientific research, health-related professions, and others. Explore the major further here! 

What is the Best Major for Me?

This is a personal question that you will explore when you speak with an academic advisor. One of the best ways to explore this question is to look at the course descriptions for the upper division courses. The right major for you is the major that you will enjoy! 

Students can start in one biology major and change to another any time as they learn more about their own interests. Many classes are accepted across majors.