There is a common misconception that biology majors cannot study abroad.  The truth is that with careful planning the majority of biology majors can study abroad- even ones wanting to go on to graduate school, medical school, etc. 

Here are some examples of how students fit study abroad into their time at CU 

  1. An IPHY major might go to Wollongong Australia and take two capstone classes
  2. An EBIO major might go to Monteverde, Costa Rica and get up to 12 credits of upper division EBIO credit including a 4000 level EBIO course
  3. An MCDB major might go to Regensburg, Germany and participate in research projects that would count towards their MCDB elective credits
  4. A student interested in public health might go on one of the many study abroad programs focused on public health (Ex:  Thailand, Argentina, Chile, etc.)
  5. Can't go for a whole semester?  You might consider going on a global seminar where you travel with a CU Boulder Faculty member
  6. There are also over 100 summer programs of varying length and cost to work within your schedule and budget