The Department of Biochemistry sponsors an annual retreat for graduate students to familiarize new graduate students with the department faculty and students. On this page, you will find information about and photos from past retreats.

2019 Biochemistry Retreat Information

Location:  YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch, Winter Park, CO

Date:  September 13th & 14th

Keynote:  Iain Cheeseman (MIT)


Date:  September 14th & 15th

Location: YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch, Winter Park, CO

Overview of Retreat

Keynote Seminar by Marv Caruthers
Lightning Talks
Poster Session
Lab Olympics
Talks on the Fly
Themed Hikes
Career Panels
"Diverse career options in science."
-Ben Lunstad, Kyle Butler, Maureen Bjerke, and Joel Basken
"How to re-ignite excitement about science when research is at a stand-still." 
-Amy Palmer, Natalie Ahn, Jeff Cameron, and Johannes Rudolph

2018 Retreat Photos