Published: Oct. 28, 2023
Leigh, Fiona and Sweety

CU Boulder Chemistry/Biochemistry alumna, Dr. Fiona Caruthers, is an experienced llama owner and backcountry adventurer. This past September, while out of state, she received a text regarding a Facebook plea for help. She, in consultation with friend Leigh DiNatale, knew they had to rescue Sweety, a 7 year-old pregnant llama lost in the Indian Peaks Wilderness on September 13.

Sweety was part of a hunting group from Oregon that included co-owners Matt and Cody. She and Leigh gathered a small search group of family and friends, including their llama caretakers Sebastian and Diego Salas and Andy Petrick, Animal Rescue Volunteer from the Southwest Llama Rescue Group, and began what would ultimately become a nearly 3 1/2 week endeavor at high-altitude (12,000 ft!) and with overnighters. Click here for Dr. Caruthers' full account of this rescue and numerous photos.

Daily Camera: Local Residents Rescue Pregnant Llama