Published: May 17, 2021



May 17, 2021 Story Update:

BFA Chair Bob Ferry sent the below email to BFA Representatives regarding the final vote count of the Boulder Faculty Senate (all eligible Boulder faculty). Representatives were asked to share with their constituents. 

Dear Colleagues,

As you will recall, at the meeting on April 29 the Assembly called for the Mark Kennedy censure resolution that was voted on by the BFA that day to be sent by Qualtrics to all the Boulder campus faculty (members of the Faculty Senate).  Accordingly, the Qualtrics poll was sent out Monday morning, May 10, with a deadline for responses set Friday, May 14.  Here are the results of that poll:

  • 1967 Emails sent
  • 589 Recorded Responses
  • 369 In Favor
  • 191 Opposed
  • 29 Abstain

Although the results of the poll may have been affected by President Kennedy’s May 10 announcement, which was made several hours after hours after the Qualtrics poll was initiated, it is worth noting that the Qualtrics poll corresponds closely with the April 29 Assembly vote.

BFA Assembly vote:

  • 56 total votes cast
  • 35 in favor (62.5% of all votes cast)
  • 20 opposed (35.7%)
  • 1 abstention (1.7%)

Boulder Faculty Senate Qualtrics poll:

  • 587 responses
  • 369 in favor (62.9% of all responses)
  • 191 opposed (32.5%)
  • 29 abstentions (4.9%)

Please share the results of this poll with your constituents.



Bob Ferry

Chair, BFA



Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA)

Regent Hall – Room 1B37


May 3, 2021Story Update:

At the April 29, 2021 BFA General Assembly meeting representatives passed an amended version of the original resolution. The approved resolution BFA-M-2-040121 was sent to the CU Board of Regents for consideration on May 3, 2021. During the Assembly meeting members also approved a motion to send the resolution to all eligible members of the Boulder faculty senate in order to gauge overall campus faculty sentiment on the resolution.


April 5, 2021 

In late March, several Boulder Faculty Assembly representatives asked the BFA Executive Committee to consider a resolution to censure CU President Mark Kennedy based on concerns over Kennedy's comments and actions with regard to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion over the last several years. The BFA Executive Committee reviewed this request, and agreed to bring a notice of motion for a resolution to censure before the Boulder Faculty Assembly. On April 1st, C.U.'s Faculty Council Executive Committee sent a statement of reprimand to President Kennedy regarding his actions related to this faculty governance process.  At the April 1, 2021 General Assembly meeting, members were asked to review the motion carefully with their constituents, and to send feedback, and questions to for consideration by the Executive Committee during the month of April. BFA-M-2-040121 Motion to Censure will be voted on at the April 29, 2021 meeting. Voting members must be logged into the Zoom meeting in order to vote. 


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