Published: Sept. 5, 2019

Honor Code Advisory BoardThe BFA is seeking faculty to serve on the 2019-2020 Honor Code Advisory Board (HCAB). The HCAB is comprised of three students and three faculty members who advise on decisions regarding alleged violations of the Honor Code at CU Boulder. HCAB reviews cases of alleged academic misconduct, provides technical expertise on complex cases, and discusses with and advises the Hearing Officer on findings and non-academic sanctions for Honor Code violations.

BFA representatives are being asked to nominate interested faculty. The BFA Executive Committee will be reviewing statements and selecting new board members on September 16th.  The Executive Committee has asked these three things of the faculty who are interested in the position:


1.       What is your affiliation with CU Boulder,

2.       How long have you been at CU Boulder, and, most important,

3.       Why would you want to be on the Honor Code Council Advisory Board?


Interested faculty should email these statements of interest to by September 13th. The BFA Executive Committee will select 3-4 faculty for this position, which includes an annual stipend of $3,000. HCAB faculty are expected to attend 2 one-hour meetings a month during fall and spring semester.