Published: May 3, 2019


CU Boulder Colorful & Inclusive Community Graphic Design


The BFA Diversity committee announced the winner of its graphic design contest yesterday to General Assembly members. Campus members who would like to display the graphic are welcome to use this link to download the PDF for printing: Congratulations to the winner Judy Nguyen, a third year Integrative Physiology student! 


See the official committee announcement:

A Colorful & Inclusive Community Meme 
The Diversity Committee (DIVC) of the Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) called for a meme contest at the University of Colorado - Boulder (CU Boulder) in the spring of 2019 inviting all students, staff, and faculty to create ​a meme that celebrated, embraced, and recognized CU Boulder as a multiracial and multicultural community​. 
The winning meme was created by Judy Nguyen who conceived it with the following message in mind: 

“​My piece communicates how Boulder has brought people from all walks of life together. We are a community of people with such vastly different histories and backgrounds but we are all here to chase after our dreams and goals together.​” 

This meme now belongs to the public domain​! We invite ​anyone​, ​anywhere​, who wishes to ​celebrate, embrace, and recognize their community as a multiracial and multicultural one to display it! 
Diversity Committee 
Boulder Faculty Assembly 
University of Colorado - Boulder 
May 2, 2019 
Boulder, Colorado 
United States of America