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Expertise in boundary-layer, mesoscale, and synoptic meteorology enables society to address critical issues, including the efficient production of renewable energy, the interaction of growing populations with high impact weather events, and the consequences of energy production. Faculty in ATOC address these research areas through collection and analysis of field observations and numerical modeling using scientific computing.


Professor Julie Lundquist has developed and led research efforts to implement advanced methods for parameterizing turbulence in large- eddy simulations and numerical weather prediction models for applications in wind energy, urban meteorology, and transport and dispersion modeling. Her research group explores the dynamics of the atmospheric boundary layer, with applications to wind energy, urban meteorology, and surface-atmosphere interaction. They employ numerical weather prediction models such as the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model and other large-eddy simulation capabilities, and they participate in field experiments to expand our understanding of the atmospheric boundary layer. Professor Katja Friedrich’s research focuses on investigating kinematic and microphysical processes relevant for cloud formation and enhancement of precipitation with special focus on improving quantitative precipitation estimation and forecast during heavy precipitation and wind storms in mountainous regions. Professor Andrew Winters's research focuses on understanding the multi-scale dynamics, variability, and forecast skill of antecedent environments conducive to the development of high-impact weather. His research offers the potential to better inform medium-range and subseasonal-to-seasonal forecasts of high-impact weather, and can be leveraged to understand the synoptic-scale environments associated with high-impact weather.  Professor John Cassano studies the meteorology of both polar regions using regional models, in-situ and remotely sensed observations, and various data analysis techniques. His research interests include boundary layer meteorology, cyclones, and numerical weather prediction in polar regions.

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  • ATOC 3050 Principles of Weather
  • ATOC 3180 Aviation Meteorology
  • ATOC 4550/5550 Mountain Meteorology
  • ATOC 4750/5750 Desert Meteorology
  • ATOC 4770/5770 Wind Energy Meteorology

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