Great Heron

A local great blue heronry provides a natural spectacle

April 13, 2021

Social systems of great blue herons vary dramatically, from solitary nests to large heronries, and some heronries include nests of great egrets and cattle egrets.

        As fears of anti-Asian violence grow, police seek to be more visible to deter attacks.         AP Photo/Kathy Willens      

White supremacy is the root of race-related violence in the United States

April 8, 2021

Amid the disturbing rise in attacks on Asian Americans since March 2020 is a troubling category of these assaults: Black people are also attacking Asian Americans.

A Jewish family gathers in person and over video conferencing for Passover celebrations in 2020. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This Passover, as in the past, will be a time to recognize tragedies and offer hope for the future

April 7, 2021

Jewish families will gather for Passover this year in circumstances that will, like the celebration itself, reflect on dark times while holding out for better to come.

Golden-mantled ground squirrels sound an alarm call that warns not only squirrels but marmots as well

Alarm calls share information among species

March 31, 2021

The sharing of vigilance and alarms by golden-mantled ground squirrels and yellow-bellied marmots is not unique.

Memorial at King Suppers photo by Glenn J. Asakawa

We stand with you in this time of grief and sorrow

March 23, 2021

We know many of you are struggling, and we write to offer our sympathy, empathy and support.

A great egret in flight

Great egrets grow extravagant plumes for the nesting season

March 18, 2021

Great egrets usually hunt in shallow water, stalking small fish, which they swallow whole.

Clones of aspen with striking colors above Horse Park Ranch

Understories of quaking aspen vary dramatically among habitats

March 2, 2021

An understated characterization of quaking aspen is that it grows in many different plant communities, in many different ways and has adapted to an extremely wide range of environments.

Dark matter can be inferred from an assortment of physical clues in the universe. NASA

The search for dark matter gets a speed boost from quantum technology

Feb. 10, 2021

Quantum squeezing alone isn’t enough to scan through every possible axion frequency in a reasonable time

Net winged beetle

Net-winged beetles advertise defenses with brilliant color, noxious odor

Feb. 2, 2021

Trilobite beetles are perhaps the most bizarre of all the net-winged beetles Some insects are cryptic, blending in with their backgrounds to hide from predators, while others are brightly colored, noisy, or form dense and conspicuous aggregations to warn their predators away. Red net-winged beetles, Dictyoptera aurora , are exemplars...


From Biden’s giant Bible to Christian flags waved by rioters, ‘religion’ means different things to different people and different eras

Jan. 21, 2021

A similar complexity appears in the history of early Christianity in how religion functioned, both in terms of rituals and in the use of the Latin term it derives from.