Photograph of Mountains Smokey from Wildfires

Smoke from distant fires darken the public health picture

Questions remain about the respiratory risk posed to a fifth of the United States population by increasing wildfires—but a CU Boulder researcher is trying to clear the air.


Without access to care, 'Hispanic health paradox' reverses

Foreign-born less likely to receive treatment, manage conditions, CU Boulder researchers find


For better health, urbanites find help from trees

City trees benefit human health more than grass, CU Boulder research finds


What's up, and what's going down, with hogbacks

'The cool thing is that this was motivated by looking at the hogbacks right outside our windows; no one had explained their shape before,' says Rachel Glade


Linguistics prof's memoir examines family life under Nazis, Soviets

'My idea was to show how two people went through the two greatest tragedies of the 20th century,' says Zygmunt Frajzyngier


Scholar wins top award in Medieval studies

Brian Catlos is this year’s recipient of the Haskins Medal for his book Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, c. 1050-1614.

allen presser

CU Boulder appoints W.B. Allen, Stephen B. Presser visiting scholars in conservative thought, policy

W.B. Allen and Stephen B. Presser have been named as the 2018-19 Visiting Scholars in Conservative Thought and Policy.


CU Boulder scholars to lead effort analyzing China's huge infrastructure push

China is launching huge infrastructure projects as a way to broaden its global influence. For scholars at CU Boulder, this trend raises new questions they aim to address with support from the Henry Luce Foundation.


Beth Osnes is turning cities a little green all over the world

On all seven continents, people are popping up covered head-to-toe in green. They're doing so at the behest of CU Boulder Associate Professor Beth Osnes


Does a changing climate affect when healthy people migrate?

A first look at the intersection of climate change and the relatively good health of new migrants—or “healthy migrant effect”— suggests that the changing climate might propel less-healthy people to migrate from Mexico to the United States.

socrates thumb

The examined life is well worth living, philosophy alums say

An educator, a lawyer, a medical student and entrepreneur ruminate on how philosophy prepared them for their careers.

MRI of the Brain

Cannabinoids are easier on the brain than booze, study finds

Marijuana may not be as damaging to the brain as previously thought, according to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder and the CU Change Lab.