International flags on flagpoles

Modified Language Program drops the ‘f’ word

April 1, 2024

The former CU Boulder Modified Foreign Language Program has dropped the word ‘foreign’ from its name to emphasize inclusivity and recognize the harm inherent in the word.

The Story of Constance and Don Juan painting

Haunting Don Juan through the centuries

Oct. 30, 2023

In a newly published paper, CU Boulder’s Emmy Herland explores how the very old story of Don Juan remains relevant through its ghosts.

Becher simon

Two instructors win honor, support for teaching of foreign languages

Feb. 27, 2018

University of Colorado Boulder Instructors Anne Becher and Edwige Simon have each been honored this year by the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers.


Scholar probes myths and realities of bandits

May 17, 2017

What does each outlaw story come to embody at any given time, and what is the relationship between the real-life bandit and the narratives that feature him or her? Juan Pablo Dabove, a faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder, investigates this question in his ongoing research on Latin American bandits.

Alum’s unplanned paths led to prosperity and pandas

Alum’s unplanned paths led to prosperity and pandas

April 27, 2016

Take a pinch of serendipity, add a dash of coincidence and top it with a smidgen of good fortune, and you have the recipe for Janet Romberg Pollack’s life. The University of Colorado Boulder alumna and donor is now a narrator at the giant panda exhibit at the San Diego Zoo. But how she got there is a tale of unexpected twists and surprising turns.

Bilingual pediatrician is medical ‘historian’ for patients

Bilingual pediatrician is medical ‘historian’ for patients

April 27, 2016

Alumnus and pediatrician Mike Nelson uses his degrees every day and credits a passionate professor with helping him get into medical school. Nelson followed his passions, Spanish and history, which in turn led him to medicine. Having traveled in Latin America with Amigos de las Americas, a program connecting volunteers to community-health programs, Nelson quickly learned what he could accomplish with a medical background.