Police officer

Psychologists explore cops’ decision to shoot

April 19, 2021

CU Boulder researcher finds that practice reduces racial bias in a first-person shooter simulation—but the benefits only go so far.

Donna Mejia performing at Elevations Tribal Fusion Festival, 2014. Photo by Carrie Meyer

CU Boulder performer recognized as Legend of Dance

April 16, 2021

Dance Archive says Donna Mejia has helped to ‘centralize the vitality of embodied knowing within the classroom, on the stage, and across CU’s curricular imagining’.

Stand up for comedy

Comedians and students joke about climate change. Wait, what?

April 15, 2021

CU Boulder’s Stand Up for Climate Comedy Show will air on Earth Day, April 22.

Two people talking

What’s in a word: New track explores the role of language in social life

April 14, 2021

Language is part of who we are and everything we do, but what we do has significantly changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michael Radelet

Is the end of the death penalty in sight?

April 8, 2021

On the eve of his retirement, sociology Professor Michael Radelet says ‘yes’.

Fortress Mountain in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, Canada.

Increased winter snowmelt threatens western water resources

April 7, 2021

More snow is melting during winter across the West, a concerning trend that could impact everything from ski conditions to fire danger and agriculture, according to a new CU Boulder analysis of 40 years of data.

Created by Daniel Martin and Katherine Stange at ICERM’s Fall 2019 semester, Illustrating Mathematics.

CU Boulder mathematicians named Simons Fellows in Mathematics

April 6, 2021

Support aims to allow scholars to focus solely on research for the ‘long periods often necessary for significant advances in their disciplines’.

COVID vaccine

Strict social distancing complements quick vaccine deployment, researchers find

April 2, 2021

New study co-authored by CU Boulder economist evaluates the costs and benefits of stricter social distancing policies when a U.S. vaccine arrival is imminent.


Barbara Demmig-Adams wins 2021 Hazel Barnes Prize

April 1, 2021

EBIO professor noted as a superb teacher and speaker, as well as a paradigm-shifting researcher for her work with plant physiology in extreme conditions.

Pacific crest trail

Junk food and big miles may not add up how ‘thru-hikers’ hope

March 30, 2021

CU Boulder researchers’ study suggests that thru-hiking, as on the Pacific Crest Trail, might decrease vascular health.