Hands on a keyboard

Learning how to go remote

May 22, 2020

CU Boulder prof wins grant funded by the CARES Act to study the impact of physics labs going remote

Forest Cat

We wanted to know where Madagascar’s mysterious ‘forest’ cats came from. What we found

May 18, 2020

The origin(s) of Madagascar “forest” or “wild” cats has long been a mystery

Picture of a market in china

A first-hand account of China’s drive to detain Uighurs

May 14, 2020

'I still have nightmares about it ... I lost a lot of friends who I’ll probably never see again. I don’t even know if they’re alive or dead.'


Got (sustainable) milk? Student’s research points a way

May 13, 2020

CU Boulder undergrad’s honors thesis sheds light on sustainability of milk alternatives

Interior of the Super-Kamiokande observatory, which detects neutrinos in the T2K Experiment.

Why didn’t the universe annihilate itself? Neutrinos may hold the answer

April 15, 2020

Two physicists are on the hunt for neutrinos, among the most elusive subatomic particles known to science and the possible key to some of the universe’s biggest mysteries

Camille Paige, a researcher at the BioFrontiers Institute, spits into a tube to demonstrate how SickStick works.

Scientists developing COVID-19 test that knows you’re sick before you do

April 15, 2020

Imagine a test that could tell you if you were infected with COVID-19 before you had a single symptom. SickStick may offer that chance.

Detail from a document called the Grolier Codex.

Solving the case of the lost Maya codex

April 15, 2020

An artifact discovered in 1965 may have been a long-rumored fourth Maya codex. It may also have been a forgery. Archaeologist Gerardo Gutiérrez and his colleagues were on the case.

Photo of Lori Peek

COVID-19: A ‘transformative’ moment for social science

April 15, 2020

CU Boulder’s Natural Hazards Center has launched a global registry and is sharing grant opportunities to support social science research during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cells expressing a nuclear marker (H2B) in cyan, a cell-cycle protein (Cyclin D1) in yellow and a proliferation marker (CDK2 activity sensor) in magenta.

To divide or not to divide? The mother cell may decide

April 15, 2020

Researchers at CU Boulder have found that it’s the mother cell that determines if its daughter cells will divide


Six lessons we can learn from past pandemics

April 9, 2020

“Epidemics highlight the fault lines in our society,” says CU Boulder history Professor Elizabeth Fenn, a Pulitizer Prize winning writer and scholar of epidemics.