Hands on a keyboard

Learning how to go remote

May 22, 2020

CU Boulder prof wins grant funded by the CARES Act to study the impact of physics labs going remote

Patricia Rankin

What will it take to close the gender gap in physics? Patricia Rankin is working to find out

April 23, 2020

Rankin is telling a different story today. She’s dedicating the rest of her career to showing that she does look like a physicist—and so do countless young women, and especially women of color, who are just getting started in the field.

Interior of the Super-Kamiokande observatory, which detects neutrinos in the T2K Experiment.

Why didn’t the universe annihilate itself? Neutrinos may hold the answer

April 15, 2020

Two physicists are on the hunt for neutrinos, among the most elusive subatomic particles known to science and the possible key to some of the universe’s biggest mysteries

Herb Bowman

Physics alum had luck to spare—and family hopes to share

March 12, 2020

Herbert E. Bowman scholarship designed for CU Boulder physics undergrads

Screen shot of colorful dancing crystals

Parading crystals could usher in new generation of electronics

March 11, 2020

Researchers at CU Boulder found that when electricity is applied to ‘torons,’ they celebrate like they’re at carnival

Dennis V. Perepelitsa Assistant Professor, Physics Department

CU Boulder physicist wins top science award

Feb. 13, 2020

Cottrell Awards recognize young scholars who integrate scientific teaching and research.

Noel Clark of physics, Stephen Graham Jones of English, Robert Pasnau of philosophy, and Kenneth P. Wright Jr. of integrative physiology. 

Newly minted professors of distinction to be celebrated

Jan. 24, 2020

In Feb. 3 event, professors of physics, English, philosophy and integrative physiology to be officially recognized

Stock image of a photon

Researcher breaks light in half, cracking pillar of physics

Dec. 12, 2019

New physics research from CU Boulder keeps the theory of light and matter fractious


CU Boulder lab works to bring quanta out of the cold

Aug. 27, 2019

New technique from CU Boulder and JILA researchers could free quantum technology from cold temperatures.

Stock illustration of string theory

Physicist finds loose thread of string theory puzzle

June 20, 2019

New research from a CU Boulder physicist might break open the mathematical puzzle that has stalled string theory research for decades